The Best Vinyl Cutting Machine 2021: For Crafting, Hobby or Small Business [UPDATED]

what is the best vinyl cutting machine?

Vinyl cutting machines are handy, adaptable devices for creating a wide range of projects like stickers, decals, signs, t-shirts, labels and more These cutters not only cut vinyl but also cut paper, cardstock, fabric and more Budget-friendly craft cutters like the Cricut Explore Air 2 do a great job cutting many vinyl and paper projects. It’s a … Read more

Does a Vinyl Cutter also Print?

does a vinyl cutter also print?

Many people ask the question “Does a vinyl cutter print” when searching for product information about these machines. The short answer is “Not for less than $8,000.” There are dedicated machines that have inkjet printer capabilities that can print on paper or vinyl and perform cutting operations. But those machines are rare and expensive. However, most … Read more

What is the difference between a vinyl cutter and plotter?

what's the difference between a vinyl cutter and vinyl plotter?

There is no difference!When people are researching vinyl cutters online, they will often start seeing references to vinyl plotters as well. What are these mysterious plotters, and how are they different from cutting machines? The basic answer is that there is no difference. “Vinyl cutters” and “vinyl plotters” refer to the exact same machine. The difference … Read more

Can the Silhouette Cameo 4 cut wood?

can the silhouette kraft blade cut wood

Yes, with the manually-adjusted 3mm Kraft blade.Many curious crafters have been asking about the new Silhouette machine’s material capabilities, specifically, can the Cameo 4 cut wood? Great news, the Cameo 4 can indeed cut wood, thanks to the new 3mm Kraft blade. What is the new Kraft Blade? It’s a new tool exclusively for the Cameo 4 … Read more

Can you use Cricut vinyl in a Silhouette machine?

can you cut cricut vinyl with a silhouette machine?

Silhouette owners often ask the question, “Can you use Cricut vinyl in a Silhouette?” The easy answer to this question is yes. If you happen to see a great deal on Cricut vinyl but are wondering if it’s compatible with your Cameo or Portrait cutter, you don’t have to worry; Silhouette vinyl cutters are versatile … Read more