What type of vinyl is best for car decals?

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If you are trying to advertise a special event or your business, adding a decal on your car can be a cost-effective option. Adhesive vinyl lets you add decals, logos or contact information in bright, eye-catching colors. But what sort of vinyl should you use, and what should you avoid?

The two main types of adhesive vinyl are removable or permanent. Removable vinyl sounds tempting for car decals, especially if you literally need a temporary sign. But removable vinyl is designed for indoor use for a reason.

Is Removable Vinyl OK for Car Decals?

The most popular variety of removable vinyl is Oracal 631, or “631 vinyl.” It has a matte finish and water-based adhesive. Meaning, if you use it outdoors on a vehicle, you are probably looking at a limited amount of time before it starts peeling from the sun or rain.

Whether you’re advertising a business or event or giving your car a pop of color, there’s a vinyl for it.

Permanent vinyl is the much more popular choice for car decals. It is weatherproof and UV resistant and can withstand the elements for years.

The most popular type of outdoor vinyl is Oracal 651 (or 651 vinyl in crafter’s shorthand). It comes in a variety of colors and is also available in sheets or rolls. It has an outdoor lifespan of 6 years.

If you are looking for more durable vinyl options, try searching for Oracal 751 or 951. These cast vinyl types are made specially for vehicle wraps and they are very durable in all types of weather, scratch resistant and they mold to the curved contours of a vehicle very well.

Another temporary vinyl option to consider for vehicles is window cling vinyl. Cling vinyl uses static to adhere to car windows and can withstand rain, windshield wipers and UV exposure.

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