Is there a Silhouette app for iPhone?

With the growth of sophisticated craft cutting machines available for home and hobby use, people have been curious about integrating their vinyl cutters with their mobile devices. Some companies offer design software that interfaces with their cutting machines (Cricut), but what about the new Silhouette Cameo 4? Is there an iPhone app for the Silhouette?

The answer is a cautious yes. Silhouette has re-released a beta version of their Silhouette Go app in late 2020 that has a limited suite of functions that allows you to send projects saved in your library to your Bluetooth-enabled Silhouette machine.

This second version of the app follows an earlier version of the Studio design software for mobile devices in 2016, but Silhouette quietly discontinued it in 2019.

The new mobile Silhouette Go app lets users open saved projects from their smartphone or tablet and perform a limited number of design actions including: resizing, rotating, grouping and adding registration marks.

Users cannot add or edit text using Silhouette Go, nor can you use design functions like slice, weld or crop. 

Interestingly, the Silhouette Go app lets you open SVG files saved on your phone, even if you use the free version of Silhouette Studio on your computer. This means that if you are prevented from using SVG files because you haven't upgrade the Silhouette Studio software, you can still send those files to cut via the Go app.

So, to sum up, yes there is an app, but no, it's not intended to replace Silhouette Studio on your computer. At best, the Go app will allow you more flexibility and portability if you want to travel with your Silhouette cutter. You can perform a few editing functions on designs you have already saved in your library, but you can't design new projects with shapes, lines or text. 

This is also a backdoor way of using an SVG file if you have the Basic free version of Silhouette Studio

As one reviewer put it, “even if a truly wireless cutter is in the future, we will always need to physically load the media into the machine before cutting. My CAMEO can do amazing things, but it will never be able to choose my paper for me, put it on the mat, and load itself into the machine.”

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