20 Fast Facts about the new Silhouette Cameo Pro

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You may have missed the announcement this week, but Silhouette has released its new and highly anticipated wide-format cutter: the Cameo Pro! Orders from Silhouette are shipping now, so we’ve compiled a factsheet to give you all the information you need about this hotly anticipated cutting machine.

How wide is the Cameo Pro?

24" silhouette cameo pro

The new Cameo Pro is capable of handling 24 inch media, as compared to 12 inches for the Cameo 4 and 15 inches for the Cameo Plus. This is a giant step forward for Silhouette users as the Cameo Pro is the first 24” craft cutter to be truly accessible to the crafting and home businesses because:

  1. The Cameo Pro uses free, easy to learn software supported by tons of tutorials and a large user community
  2. The Pro is Mac compatible, making it one of the only 24″ cutters available to MacOS users on a budget and without doing software work-arounds
  3. Cameo Pro users can explore new projects using 24″ adhesive vinyl and 20″ HTV, lowering material costs and expanding productivity

When Silhouette first announced their new wide format cutter (back in May 2019), the Pro was slated to be 20 inches wide, but in the course of development, Silhouette changed their plans and released an even wider format cutting machine.

What are the cutting dimensions of the Cameo Pro?

The new Cameo Pro will cut 24 x 24 inches on a cutting mat (standard grip mat included with purchase) and up to 24 inches by 60 feet when cutting lined media from a roll. Materials like adhesive vinyl, HTV and sticker sheets can be fed directly into the Cameo Pro without a mat because of the backing liner present on those materials.

How much does the Cameo Pro cost?

The suggested retail price of the new Cameo Pro is $499.99. This puts it in the mid range of 24 inch vinyl cutters for the home, small business and professional market.

cameo pro vinyl cutter price comparison chart

Where can I buy a Cameo Pro?.

The Silhouette Cameo Pro is available for purchase at the following outlets:

#affiliate link

When will the Cameo Pro ship?

Units seems to be selling quickly at Silhouette USA in the first week of release. Silhouette and Michaels should be shipping whatever units they have in stock without delay (Silhouette reports shipping will take 2-4 days after the order is placed), but orders made through Swing Design will ship at the end of November or beginning of December 2020. Orders made through Heat Press Nation are expected to ship in January 2021.

Will it do matless cutting?

Yes! Like all Cameo machines, the Pro will cut rolls of vinyl up to 24 inches wide and make cuts up to 60 feet long. As long as the material being cut has a backing liner (like adhesive vinyl, HTV, or printed vinyl/sticker sheets), the Cameo Pro can cut it without a mat.

This also applies to paper and cardstock: thanks to the channel under the cutting blade, the Cameo Pro can perform Pop-out cutting, making a perforation cut around your design so you can pop it out after the cut is finished.

Is the roll feeder included?

silhouette cameo pro craft cutter

Absolutely! Unlike the Cameo 4 and Cameo Plus, the roll feeder for the Cameo Pro is an external roll feeder, not an integrated roll feeder (ie, not part of the machine itself).

The Cameo Pro roll feeder comes in three separate pieces that hook under the front lip of the machine. Width can be adjusted by sliding the right roller support side to side, and you can adjust the support wheel to accommodate different roll diameter sizes.

Does the Cameo Pro work with Mac?

Yes! The Cameo Pro works with Silhouette Studio design software and there is a version for MacOS. In our opinion, this is a very important feature of the Cameo Pro, because it is the only 24 inch cutter that is Mac-compatible for under $750.

If you are designing in a professional environment on a Mac and need tools for large format or high quantity cutting jobs, it can be difficult to find a cutter that doesn’t break your budget. Here’s how the Cameo Pro compares with other 24 inch cutting machines when it comes to price and compatibility with MacOS.

Cutter model



MacOS compatible


Windows only


MacOS compatible

(w/ Sure Cuts a Lot)


Windows only


MacOS compatible


MacOS compatible

(w/ Adobe Illustrator plugin

or Sure Cuts a Lot)


Does the Cameo Pro work with iPhone/iPad/smartphone/tablets?

The Cameo Pro does not work with any mobile devices.  Silhouette Studio software only works on desktop or laptop computers, and therefore you need an actual computer to operate your Silhouette Cameo machine. There was a Silhouette Studio mobile app that was dropped in early 2019 and is no longer updated or supported by Silhouette.

What software does it use?

Like all Silhouette cutting machines, the Cameo Pro uses Silhouette Studio design software. This versatile software allows users to create new original work, import designs from Silhouette’s library (Silhouette Design Store) or upload projects made in other software.

The Cameo Pro’s cutting functions are all controlled by Silhouette Studio: tool selection, cutting speed, depth and force, materials selection, mat selection etc.

Silhouette cutting software comes in four different versions:

  • Silhouette Studio (Basic) – free version, available to download before you buy
    • Designer Edition – $50
    • Designer Edition Plus– $75
    • Business Edition – $99

Users can also purchase the Silhouette Connect plugin for Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to import cutting machine controls directly into these popular design platforms.

For more detailed information on the different versions of Silhouette Studio, read our breakdown review here.

Is the Cameo Pro wireless?

Closeup view of silhouette cameo pro control panel

The Cameo Pro does have wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your computer to the cutter via wifi connection.

What mats does the Cameo Pro use?

The Cameo Pro includes a 24 x 24 inch standard grip cutting mat with purchase. The standard grip mat is for cardstock, chipboard, fabric, magnet paper, craft foam, other specialty materials.

Other mats available for the Cameo Pro:

  • Light Tack mat (24 x 24”) – for copy paper, patterned paper, vellum, other specialty materials
  • Strong Tack mat (24 x 24”) – for fabric

The Cameo Pro setup for cutting mats differs from the Cameo 4 and Cameo Plus. Included with the Pro is a mat support platform that hooks under the front edge of the machine between the two roller supports. This support platform keeps the mat from sagging or slipping during operation.

The Cameo Pro can also use 9, 12 and 15 inch mats from the Portrait, Cameo 4 or Cameo Plus machines.

cool guide to all of the cutting mat options for the silhouette cameo pro

What are the dimensions of the Cameo Pro?

The Cameo Pro’s dimensions are 34.5” (length) x 7.68” (height) x 6.69” (depth) (87.6 cm x 19.5 cm x 17 cm).

The shipping dimensions for the Cameo Pro are 39” (length) x 12” (height) x 9.75” (depth) (99.1 cm x 30.5 cm x 24.8 cm)

How much does the Cameo Pro weigh?

The Cameo Pro weighs 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg). For comparison’s sake, the Cameo 4 weighs 10.4 lbs and the Cameo Plus weighs 11.9 lbs.

The shipping weight of the Cameo Pro is 26.1 lbs (11.84 kg).

What tools work with the Cameo Pro?

silhouette cameo pro blades

The Cameo Pro works with the same toolset as the Cameo 4 and Cameo Plus. Included with purchase is the Autoblade (type B) for cutting vinyl, paper and cardstock. Also available for purchase for the Cameo Pro:

  • Rotary blade: for cutting fabric, wool, felt, crepe paper, etc
  • Kraft blade (3mm): for cutting chip board, acetate, craft foam, etc
  • Punch tool: to make weeding vinyl easier

You can also use the tool adapter set to use older Silhouette tools with the Cameo Pro. These adapters work with the ratchet blade, deep cut blade, premium blade and 2mm Kraft blade.

Does the Cameo Pro do Print and Cut?

Yes! The Cameo Pro is able to do the same print and cut functions as other Silhouette cutters. Print and cut settings are made in Silhouette Studio, and in the software, you can size your projects all the way up to the full size of your media. If you have a wide format printer, you can do large images or many small images (like gift tags) using pop out cutting settings for paper.

What is the cutting force of the Cameo Pro?

The Cameo Pro has the same downward cutting force as the Cameo 4 and Cameo Plus.

What kind of vinyl works with the Cameo Pro?

The Cameo Pro can cut any type of vinyl you might consider for your crafting or commercial projects, including permanent or removable adhesive vinyl for signs, décor, glassware, auto decals, or stickers. You can also cut heat transfer vinyl for apparel in any finish you want

You can also cut stencil vinyl, window cling, patterned vinyl, foil, and printed vinyl.

Where can I buy 24” vinyl?

Silhouette does not offer any 24 inch rolls of vinyl to go with the Cameo Pro, but there are plenty of places to find high quality vinyl at low prices. One thing to note about vinyl for wide format cutters is that adhesive vinyl (permanent and removable) can be found in 24 inch rolls, but heat transfer vinyl is mostly limited to 20 inch rolls.

What’s Included with the Cameo Pro?

what's included with the Cameo Pro?
  • Cameo Pro machine
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • AutoBlade
  • Adapter for Silhouette sketch pens
  • 24″ x 24” Cameo Pro Cutting Mat (standard tack)
  • External roll feeder
  • Cutting mat support platform
  • Free 1 month trial membership to Silhouette Design store
  • 100 free designs


If you’ve been waiting for the release of the Cameo Pro, then the eagle has finally landed. Wider than expected, you can now cut up to 24 inches wide with the same great tools that makes the Silhouette Cameo 4 a best seller.

The Cameo Pro is a great investment for crafters looking to level up their game to start home businesses, or for small businesses looking for MacOS compatible tools without breaking the budget.

If you are still undecided about which craft-cutting machine is best for you, check out our comprehensive resources here:

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