About Us

Hello and welcome to Snip to It! Thanks for visiting us!

We’re Kerri and Ian, and we’ve always loved arts and crafts. We got turned onto vinyl cutters at the start of the pandemic and our minds were blown when we saw all of the great stuff you could create with your own Cricut or Silhouette machine.

We started doing our research, and along the way we started seeing some really poorly written reviews coming up over and over again. We thought someone needs to be providing clear information about these machines that’s well organized, easy to read and truthful and authentic.

So we started this website to put the best information we could find out there for people who are searching for answers. Do we personally own every one of the machines we write about? No, but we ask questions and dig out the really useful information that doesn’t always end up in a company’s glossy marketing campaign.

We’re not affiliated with or endorsed by any crafting company. We make fair reviews that offer praise to good features and don’t gloss over a machine’s flaws. We keep track of what’s happening with these big companies and how that will affect the individual user.

We know crafting is supposed to be an escape and a time to create something warm and personal. But there’s a big business out there behind that, and we’re making it our business to glean all the information we can to pass on to each of you.

But we don’t just want to be focused on craft cutters and blades and consumables. We want to give our readers help and inspiration as well. Drawing from our own projects and the creative works of people we meet, we want to share tutorials and inspiration to help us all become better makers.

We’re always learning, so keep checking back. We have a lot to share, and we hope you find our site useful!