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We’re thrilled to share some of the feedback and responses we’ve received from our work over the past few years. Your kind words keep us motivated to keep working and producing great tutorials and projects.

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Hi, I was also very frustrated with my program but due to your excellent, simple instructions, I could fix it.

I am sooo thankful !!!! You are an excellent teacher. Keep up your good work” – Rina

How to clear the Design Space cache

This is the most helpful article I have read on the Cricut Foil tool!! Thank you very much! I’m expecting great results” – Wendy

Cricut foil transfer hacks

“I’ve been dabbling in HTV for a few years, and this is the BEST, most comprehensive placement description I’ve seen. Thank you for so much attention to detail. So much time passes between my projects that I can never remember how big, or where to put my decals, and this is such a great tool!

Definitely printing out the PDF to laminate and keep on hand. Thank you!!!!” – Tiffany

HTV size and placement guide

This is absolutely genius! I can’t express my gratitude enough for this hack. I love it !
Thank you so much for this amazing trick!” – Priyanka

How to make Cricut fill in letters

“This was soooo helpful! I learned so much from this post. I was getting so frustrated with the limited number of fonts for writing and you have opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you!!!”Michelle

The best writing fonts for Cricut: 117 free fonts + free Cricut font guide

“I’m not kidding when I say this is the most helpful and useful tutorial I have used in the past decade!

Cutting very small/tiny designs and lettering is now an easy process that’s guaranteed to work. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.” – Diane

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

“New with cricket, I just opened my box tonight that’s been sitting for 2 years. I have the maker and about $4,000 worth of supplies and every time I’ve tried to do something it rips and tears. So cross your fingers this works cuz you explained it so much and did so much research and testing thank you so much.”

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

Thank you for taking the time to do all this testing and research and doing a video about it all + a written article, to boot!

So concise and invaluable! And, very much appreciated! You’re pretty awesome to share all that!” – Julie

How to cut small letters with a Cricut machine

“This has been sooooo helpful. I’m new at this and this is exactly what i needed. Thank you for sharing.”Sheri

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

Every shirt I’ve ever done, I end up scrambling in the 11th hour to get the design ironed on…I’ve always just used the generic size & placement guides that a simple Google search provides, but every time, I’d end up struggling with how wide the range was for sizing!

So with my first paid creation in the works, I again searched Google and THANK GOD, it lead me to your website!! The way you explained all of the info for sizing and placement of HTV designs made it seem so obvious and simple!! It gave me the confidence to be able to size my design and iron it on without all the hesitation and second guessing!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to spell out so many details and then sharing your knowledge with the world!!” – Megan

HTV size and placement guide

Yooooo thank you sooooooo much I am a beginner and the washi setting helped me soooo much that I will be using for all of my vinyl and infusible sheet projects ❤❤❤❤❤❤”

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

Can’t believe I ran into this while looking for a solution for something else. I have wanted to do this forever and here it is! Thank you!” – Kimberly

How to make Cricut fill in letters

“Your knowledge and willingness to share is remarkable and very much appreciated!!! I did take advantage of what you offered and it will add so much to my creative experience in my life as a crafter/designer and knowledge absorber. 🙂

Thank you for coming into my life and I look forward to your next share.💗💗💗😘” – Dee

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! This is the best explanation for sizing HTV, EVER!!! I will no longer waste time searching Google to find out what size to make my graphics!

The 50% rule is genius!!! I’m so thankful that you took the time to do all the measuring to prove your theory!! You, my friend, are the bomb diggity!!” – Susan

HTV size and placement guide

Thanks for a comprehensive, easy-to-understand article. This covered all the bases needed. I just ordered a wide-format Canon and was beginning to regret not getting an Epson, but now knowing you can’t/shouldn’t switch between ink types, tells me I’m better off investing in a second printer when I get serious about sub. Very helpful info for a new crafter.” – Sharise

Can you use a regular printer for sublimation?

“This guide was by far the most thorough and helpful one I’ve found, and I just wanted to thank you guys for all the pointers as I enter the world of printing.”David

The Best Vinyl Printer/Cutter combo for any budget

Best instructional video on Cricut I have seen, thank you!” Tara

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You answered all of my questions so now I feel confident moving forward with my projects.”Lori

The best writing fonts for Cricut: 117 free fonts + free Cricut font guide

“Wow‼️ This video and the detailed information is phenomenal‼️ I feel like I have a flying chance at cutting small lettering now, thanks to you and your highly useful advice and direction.

I can’t wait to give your recommendations a try. I had no clue to use HTV for every day small lettering. I sincerely appreciate your kindness in sharing your painstaking experience❣️😊 I have a feeling you have a lot of great Cricut experience to share! Thank you SO very much” – Charmaine

How to cut small vinyl letters with a Cricut @YouTube

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