Are Sawgrass printers compatible with Mac computers?

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Yes, you can connect your Mac to a Sawgrass sublimation printer.

Before buying a premium item like a dedicated sublimation printer, smart shoppers ask “Are Sawgrass printers compatible with Mac computers?” If you are considering a new sublimation printer for heat transfer projects and you are running a MacOS computer (iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, etc), you will have no problem connecting with a Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 printer.

The software necessary for operating the printer – Sawgrass Print Manager – is compatible with the following MacOS versions:

  • High Sierra – MacOS 10.13
  • Mojave – MacOS 10.14
  • Catalina – MacOS 10.15
  • Big Sur – MacOS 11.x
  • Monterey – MacOS 12.x [SPM 10.2 or later]
  • Ventura – MacOS 13.x

Sawgrass Creative Studio, the design platform available to Sawgrass printer owners, is web-based and available through any browser supported by your Mac (Safari, Chrome or Firefox for example.) So, if you choose to use Creative Studio to create new designs for sublimation, you need an internet connection, no matter what computer you are using.

Different ways to connect a Sawgrass Printer to a Mac Computer

There are three basic methods to connect your Mac to a Sawgrass printer: USB, LAN cable or wirelessly. Using a USB cable is the most straightforward, but connecting wirelessly is not difficult with a Mac or PC. This video takes you step by step through the process to set up your wireless connection to a Sawgrass printer.

Are Sawgrass printers compatible with M1 Macs?

The latest series of Mac computers with the “M1” chip are compatible with the Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 printers. During the release of the new Apple processor in late 2020, there was a brief period of incompatibility, but developers at Sawgrass quickly updated the Print Manager software and firmware to ensure printers would work with the new iMac, Mac mini and MacBook pro models using the M1 chip.

Does the Sawgrass Printer work with an iPhone or iPad?

At this time, the Printer Manager software for Sawgrass computers does not work with mobile devices. Although Sawgrass printers can connect wirelessly to Mac computers, they cannot connect to iPhones, iPads or Android devices.

Similarly, Epson’s desktop sublimation printer, the Surecolor F170 does not operate via mobile devices either. There are some other Epson EcoTank and Super Tanker printers we recommend for sublimation conversion that work with mobile devices, but there may be limits to the functionality or color profiles. We advise you to check before you buy!

Notable Exceptions: the Sawgrass VJ628

We have mainly been focused on the compatibility between Mac computers and the Sawgrass SG500/SG1000 consumer model sublimation printers. Sawgrass’ commercial size sublimation printer, the VJ 628, is compatible with Windows Operating Systems only! This 25″ 8 color sublimation printer will not work with MacOS computers.

If you are looking for a wide format commercial sublimation printer compatible with MacOS, your best option to start is the Epson Surecolor F570. It prints 24″ wide, has an ink tank refill system instead of cartridges and is ready to connect to any Mac computer.

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