Best Vinyl Printer-Cutter Options For Every Budget

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  • For small business, combination printer/cutters save space and perform the work of two machines, and can produce custom apparel and decals with a high profit margin.
  • The best hybrid solution for budget-conscious businesses is a quality large format desktop printer capable of handling vinyl and a vinyl cutter equipped to handle print and cut projects
  • Vinyl cutters and vinyl printers for home crafters are generally two separate machines

Vinyl cutting machines have a long history in print shops and custom apparel businesses. When paired with high-resolution printers, designers can produce stunning full color signs, vehicle decals, window displays, t-shirt graphics and high volumes of stickers or decals.

We have hand picked a selection of printers and cutters for 3 main groups of users: Small businesses, home-based businesses and home crafters. Each group of users has different needs for printing and cutting, and our recommendations try to take into account everything each type of user could need. 

  • What machine can print on common, practical media for low cost?
  • What machine has high quality ink with good durability at a reasonable cost?
  • Which vinyl cutter will cut accurately and quickly without wasting material?

Integrated Vinyl Printer Cutter Basics

What is a vinyl printer cutter?

An integrated vinyl printer/cutter combines a printer with a vinyl cutter in one machine. Unlike a regular vinyl cutter that can be fitted with a pen or marker to draw instead of cut, a printer cutter can do full CMYK printing at high resolutions, producing professional quality printing results, as well as detailed contour cutting on a variety of materials.

What are vinyl printer cutters good for?

Printer/cutter combinations are useful to small commercial print shops and sign makers for producing full color graphics, especially graphics that incorporate photos for limited run t-shirts (especially for dark garments), indoor and outdoor displays or signs and full color decals.

Maker spaces and schools, as well as graphic designers who need to produce full color packaging prototypes would also benefit from integrated vinyl printer cutters.

What are the advantages of using an integrated printer/cutter machine?

Combination Printer/cutter machines have the big advantage of being able to do two key jobs in one machine. In small spaces where your room to work is limited, having one machine in place of two to do the printing and the cutting is a big benefit.

Another big advantage is using the same software to print and cut reduces your margin of error when setting up registration marks. An integrated machine will cut accurately and you get beautiful results every job.

Separate machines can get out of synch and sometimes you don’t get the quality of cut you were expecting because the cutting program didn’t  read the registration marks accurately. Fewer things are more frustrating than having a large, expensive print run ruined by a miscalibrated cutter.

What are the disadvantages of using a combination printer/cutter machine? 

The main disadvantage of the integrated vinyl printer cutter is the longer workflow. Because these machines cannot print and cut at the same time, you must print first, and then cut, whereas you can have the two functions working simultaneously on separate machines.

Another drawback with integrated machines is that printers and vinyl cutters generally have different lifespans in a small business environment. Commercial operators can usually count on a high-end printer lasting about 5 years and a commercial quality vinyl cutter lasting about 15 years.  

How much can you earn with an Integrated Vinyl Printer/Cutter?

can you make money with a vinyl cutting machine

image credit:

Taking the plunge on a piece of sophisticated equipment like a Roland BN20 (or any other commercial printer or vinyl cutter) can feel daunting for the first time buyer. Roland compiled a breakdown of input costs for a range of sample goods you can make with printed HTV and the numbers are very promising.

For example, a basic blank t-shirt starts at $2, plus vinyl and ink costs of $0.72. Consider a 6″ x 4.5″ graphic, and you can sell this item for $11. With a printer, vinyl cutter and heat press, you can make 30 shirts per hour, netting you a profit of $248.40 per hour. ($11 – $2.72 = $8.28 per shirt x 30 shirts per hour = $248.40)

Is there a vinyl printer + cutter combination for home crafters?

The current role of printer/cutter combination machines is geared towards small business and light commercial use. The entry level machine (the Roland BN20 20” printer cutting machine) is available for around $6,000.

Cricut introduced a combination inkjet printer and vinyl cutter machine in 2010 called the “Imagine”. The reception for the specialty machines was lukewarm, and Cricut discontinued the Imagine within two years.

Home crafters who want to get the most out of the print and cut functions of their personal vinyl cutting machines can use a high quality desktop inkjet printer.  The main difference between home printer and commercial printers is that the inks are not water or UV resistant. The main impact of this is that home printer projects do not last long outside in the elements.

Desktop Inkjet Inks vs Integrated Printer/Cutter Inks

Home inkjet printers use Aqueous inks, inks that are made by diluting dyes in water and glycol (a type of alcohol). Because the ink is water soluble, it runs when it gets wet. Basic inkjet ink is good for personal use stickers and iron on transfers for garments, but not for products you plan to sell.

Integrated Printer/Cutter machines generally use eco-solvent inks, which are specially formulated to be waterproof and UV resistant. Eco-solvent inks are for use on vinyl, with the most popular applications being billboards, vehicle graphics, banners and decals.

There is a range of inks available for home inkjet printers, some of which is more water resistant or UV resistant; we’ll explain our top picks below.

Top picks: Best Integrated Vinyl Printer/Cutter Machines




New Desktop CMYK-only Printer/Cutter

  • New, budget friendly printer with CMYK only ink

  • Faster bi-directional printing

  • In stock and quick shipping. Financing available.  

Best Desktop Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter

  • prints and cuts vinyl up to 20" wide

  • Eco-solvent CMYK inks with optional white and metallic inks

  • 1 year warranty 

Best Commercial Vinyl Printer-Cutter

  • available in 30/54/64 inches wide

  • Warranty for projects printed on 3M and Avery Denison materials

  • 2 year warranty and professional installation

  • 30" – $12,995

  • 54" – $14,995

  • 64" – $18,995

Best 2-machine Commercial printer/cutter combinations

Vinyl Cutter

Wide Format Printer

Best Wide Format Vinyl Cutter for fast contour cutting

  • 15" – $1,295

  • 24" – $1,895

  • 54" – $4,695

  • up to 24" printing width

  • Epson Ultrachrome HD CMYK pigment inkset (5 cartridges)

  • 1 year warranty 

  • available under $3,000 at Amazon

Great Quality 24" Vinyl Cutter with 3 year Warranty

  • 24" – $1,995

Professional size cutter at craft cutter price

  • 24" – $500

Best printer/cutter combos for Cricut & Silhouette

Home Craft Cutter

Recommended Printer

Max. Print and cut area

– $399

MSRP – $150

6 x 9 inches

– $299

MSRP – $200

11 x 17 inches

(up to 13 x 19)

Roland VersaStudio BN-20: Best Desktop Eco-Solvent Printer-Cutter

Roland versastudio BN20 printer-cutter

Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Specs List 

  • Machine type: Combination desktop cutter and CMYK eco-solvent printer
  • Capabilities: High resolution printing and contour cutting
  • Media Size: 5.9 to 20.3 inches
  • Cutting size: Maximum 18.9 inches (480 mm)
  • Blade Type: Roland 45 degree Fine Point blade (deep cut blades available separately)
  • Ink Options: Roland Eco-Sol MAX inks available in CMYK, Metallic and White
  • Machine Dimensions: 39.2″ W x 23″ D x 11.5″ H; 79.4 lbs (35 kg)
  • Device compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/7; USB connection
  • Warranty: One year warranty
  • Software: R-Works design and cutting software and VersaWorks 6 RIP Software
  • Support: Email, knowledgebase and user forums

Due to ongoing supply chain issues, the Roland BN20 is currently on 4-6 month backorder. However, the Roland BN20A, the newly released CMYK-only model, is available and ready to ship.

The best thing about owning a Roland BN20 printer cutter is the ability to always be ahead of the curve on trends and viral content.

If you are making decals or t-shirts to sell, a desktop printer cutter option is the easiest way to get new designs to market. Whether it’s limited run, high margin garment transfers, or full color decals, the Roland BN20 can get your finished product shipping at quality levels that beat direct-to-garment printing.

Printing color designs also allows you to do higher volume work than regular vinyl because you are spending less time weeding, layering and pressing shirts and hoodies.

If you are a quick-turnaround freelancer, the BN20 lets you expand your service offerings with commercial quality label samples, product mockups and packaging prototypes in hours. Your clients will be amazed at the top quality results.

While the BN20 may not be a blazing fast printer or cutter, the simplified workflow of one machine and integrated software for the printing and the cutting ensures that the cutting is always perfectly aligned with the printing.

Roland BN20 Demo Video

The Roland BN20 is a desktop size printer+cutter machine capable of handling 20” media. Its big advantage is that it is capable of printing at a stunning 1440dpi resolution with the option of using white or silver ink.

This desktop printer cutter is well suited for small run, full color apparel projects that can command high margins. The 20” media feeder makes it perfect for rolls of heat transfer vinyl, but it also means that you will have trouble finding rolls of adhesive vinyl. (commercial rolls of printable adhesive vinyl typically come in 24” rolls or greater).

The BN20 uses Roland eco-solvent ink. This means you can produce full color designs for outdoor signs, vehicle graphics and decals that will be water proof and scratch resistant and will resist fading in the sun for years.

These great features make the BN20 attractive to home business owners, freelancers and small print shops. It’s a great piece of equipment to have in order to offer more services to an existing business, but it’s definitely not going to be the centerpiece technology that drives your company.

Introducing the Roland BN20A: 4 ink configuration and a smaller price tag

Roland BN20A - a new printer cutter option with CMYK only ink configuration
the new Roland BN20A 4 color printer/cutter

If you are looking for a basic version of the BN20 with just Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink (CMYK), or if the price tag of the BN20 is a bit out of your reach, Roland has another option for you.

Introduced in October of 2021, The new BN20A is a “lite” version of the original, meaning that it offers only the CMYK 4 cartridge setup, and it costs about $1,000-$1,500 less than the original.

The BN20A can also print bi-directionally (at 720 dpi) to improve production speed. As this printer is brand new, we have not spoken to anyone using it (yet!) but in all other regards, it seems like the same machine as the original BN20.

Drawbacks to the Roland BN20

What do you need to know before you buy a Roland BN20? The listed cutting speed may seem slow (6 inches per second) compared to a regular vinyl cutter. For example, the Roland CAMM GS24 vinyl cutter has a maximum cutting speed of almost 20 inches per second. But, if you are primarily concerned with contour cutting without a lot of internal cuts, the speed issue shouldn’t be a real problem for you.

You might also consider it a slow printer, at around 10 square feet per hour. That’s not terribly fast compared to other wide format printers, but for many customers, large output isn’t the point. High quality results on custom, short run products is the main appeal.

What can you make with a Roland BN-20 Vinyl Printer-Cutter?

  • Short-run custom apparel (t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies)
  • Custom transfers for dark garments
  • Custom full color decals
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Custom labels
  • Product packaging prototypes
  • Banners and Signs
  • Displays
  • Window and Wall Graphics
  • Art and Photos
custom heat transfer graphic printed by Roland BN20
Custom shirt graphic printed and cut with Roland BN20

What we like

  • Prints beautiful, high definition images (1440dpi resolution)
  • Well suited to printing HTV (20” roll feed)
  • Top quality Eco solvent ink in 3 configurations: CMYK, CMYK+White or CMYK+Silver
  • Budget friendly option with CMYK only
  • Water and UV-resistant ink lasts up to 3 years outdoors without lamination

What we don’t like

  • Slow printing speed
  • Windows only software
  • No wireless connection
  • Email/forum/knowlegebase support only. No phone support.

Can’t wait to backorder the BN20? Check out the BN20A at Swing Design

Roland TrueVIS SG2: Best Commercial Vinyl Printer-Cutter

roland truevis SG2 Printer Cutter wide format plotter

Roland TruVIS SG2 Specs List 

  • Cutting machine type: Combination vinyl cutter and CMYK inkjet printer
  • Capabilities: High resolution (1200 dpi) printing and contour cutting
  • Media Size:
    • SG2-300: 7.6″ to 30″
    • SG2-540: 10.8″ to 54″
    • SG2-640: 12.4″ to 64″
  • Cutting size: 29 inches / 53 inches / 63 inches
  • Ink Options: TrueVIS CMYK ink – 500 ml pouch
  • Dimensions (incl. weight)
    • SG2-300: 81.5 [W] × 28.8 [D] × 51.6 [H] inches (324 lbs.)
    • SG2-540: 105.8 [W] × 28.8 [D] × 51.6 [H] inches (397 lbs.)
    • SG2-640: 116 [W] × 28.8 [D] × 51.6 [H] inches (434 lbs.)
  • Device compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/7
  • Software: includes R-Works design software and VersaWorks 6 RIP Software
  • Warranty: Two year warranty
  • Support: Email, knowledgebase and user forums

The Roland TruVIS SG2 printer/cutter series is truly a dream for creative professionals. Capable of printing vivid colors and true to life skin tones, the SG2 series can launch your business to a new level and render your clients and customers awestruck with the quality of your printed graphics.

The SG2 series features three models:

  • SG2-300 – 30”
  • SG2-540 – 54″
  • SG2-640 – 64” 

Each printer/cutter in the series is capable of printing graphics up to 1220 dpi resolution using Roland TR2 ink. The combination of SG2 printing and TR2 ink is such high quality, that 3M and Avery Denison both offer warranties for artwork printed on their media by the SG2 series. TR2 ink is amazing for signs, displays and public art prints, as it is exceptionally scratch resistant and durable for up to three years outdoors without lamination.

What can I make with the Roland TrueVIS SG2 printer & cutter?

It’s become a cliché, but the phrase “the only limit is your imagination” best describes what you can make with SG2 series. You can print miles of decals and t-shirt graphics, wall sized illustrations and photos, complete vehicle wraps and more. Here’s just a short list of the many applications you can produce and offer customers with an SG2 printer/cutter:

  • Contour cut labels and decals
  • Signs, displays and posters
  • Window and wall graphics
  • Heat transfer graphics
  • Art and Décor
  • Large format displays and banners
  • Vehicle graphics

What we like

  • Prints and cuts up to 64” media at 1220 dpi resolution
  • Warranties offered by 3M and Avery Denison on material printed by the SG2
  • 2 year warranty and professional installation
  • Lifetime product support
  • Financing available from

What we don’t like

  • Windows OS compatibility only
  • CMYK ink without option for White or Metallic ink
  • Ink sold seperately
  • Using non-approved ink voids warranty

Best Separate Printer and Cutter combination for Small Business Users

Step 1: Find the Best Commercial Vinyl Cutter

If you are hesitant about taking the plunge on an integrated printer cutter and pondering a two-machine solution for your business, there are many great options.

While there are lots of commercial vinyl cutters available and tons of printers to choose from, we are going to have mercy and narrow our scope down to just a few specific models that we think are great, and tell you why they would be an excellent option for starting or growing your business.

Our Top picks for small business vinyl cutters:

  • Graphtec CE-7000 series
  • Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Vinyl Cutter 
  • Silhouette Cameo Pro

#1: The Graphtec CE7000 Series (15″/24″/54″)

graphtec ce7000 series best commercial vinyl cutting machine

The Graphtec CE7000 series

The Graphtec CE7000 series premiered in 2020 and it is blazing fast and laser accurate at contour cutting. It is equipped with Graphtec’s industry leading Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system (ARMS) and has loads of cool features to manage printer and cutter integration.

The CE7000 series comes in 3 widths: 15”, 24” and 54” and can cut roll-fed projects up to 164 feet long! This Graphtec series is also Windows and Mac compatible (one of the few commercial vinyl cutters that can operate in a Mac environment) and offers an option to read projects from USB drives for offline cutting situations.

The CE7000 series is a true thoroughbred for small businesses eyeing rapid expansion into printed HTV for apparel or full color decals. The two-year warranty from Graphtec also takes the worry out of investing in a pricey piece of equipment.

Read more about the Graphtec CE7000 series in our review of Best Vinyl Cutting Machines.

(external link to Heat Transfer Warehouse)

#2: The Roland CAMM1-GS24

roland camm1 gs-24 vinyl cutter

Roland CAMM1-GS24 vinyl cutter

The Roland CAMM1-GS24 is also a great small business cutter that offers great speed and accuracy for cutting vinyl, but cutting printed material is not its primary specialization. It does have an optical scan system to read registration marks, but I’m wary about giving it a huge endorsement when the manufacturer isn’t pumping up this feature.

One big plus to the Roland is its 3-year warranty, but on the downside, the included software (Roland DG Cut Studio) is for Windows only, and does not read SVG or DXF files. The CAMM1 has no wireless connectivity, and doesn’t operate as a standalone cutter.

Read more about the CAMM1-GS24 in our review of the Best Vinyl Cutting Machines for making T-shirts.

(external link to Swing Design)

#3: The Silhouette Cameo Pro

The Silhouette Cameo Pro is not our choice for an established small business looking to upgrade or expand its services, but we do recommend it for home crafters looking to expand their crafting into an Etsy business or side hustle.

The all new Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro

Why don’t we recommend this cutter for commercial purposes? First, the Silhouette brand is a subsidiary of Graphtec, but Graphtec does not equip the Silhouette machines with its own superior ARMS optical reader. So, it has the same basic registration mark scanner as the regular Cameo 4. Which is to say it’s better than other home crafting machines (looking at you, Cricut), but it’s not at the level of a professional machine.

Silhouette Cameo Replacement Blade Options

Second, Silhouette does not sell a cutting tool with a replaceable blade. If you are cutting vinyl with the Autoblade (recommended tool) and the cutting edge goes dull, you can’t simply put a cheap, readily available Roland blade in the housing and keep cutting. You have to toss the entire housing in the garbage and replace it with a new one.

The last year has taught everyone a big lesson about global supply chains. Crafters have seen firsthand how hard it is to find certain items in stock online or in brick and mortar retailers, and it would be very unwise to place the success of a new business on a machine whose core tool is often expensive and hard to find replacements for.

So even though the Cameo Pro is very well priced at $500, and is Mac compatible, and can do print and cut up to 23 inches wide, we can only recommend it with a big caveat.

Read a detailed evaluation in our 20 Fast Facts about the Silhouette Cameo Pro

(external link to Swing Design)

Step 2: Find the Best Wide Format inkjet Printer

Our pick: The Epson SureColor T3270 24″ Printer

epson surecolor T3270 wide format 24 inch printer

The Epson T3270 at a glance

  • 24″ wide printer, 2880 x 1440 dpi max resolution, up to 660 sq. foot per hour.
  • Epson Ultrachrome HD CMYK pigment inkset – 5 x 110ml ink cartridges 
  • Handles media 10 – 24″ wide; up to 59.1 mil (1.5 mm); handles 2″ or 3″ diameter rolls
  • Windows/MacOS compatible
  • Price Category: under $3,000 USD, includes 1 year warranty, on-site & phone support

The Epson SureColor series is designed and focused on serving photographers and fine art printers. Sign makers, t-shirt designers and decal designers are not the target market for these behemoth inkjet printers.

But that’s not to say they can’t be very useful for printing on vinyl. While the Epson SureColor printers are not solvent printers, they do use very high quality Epson Ultrachrome HD pigment ink that is water and UV resistant. That being said, the ink is high quality, but if you are making decals, you should expect to laminate or coat them to increase outdoor durability.

What sets the T3270 from other wide format inkjet printers is its ability to print on thick materials, up to 59.1 mils (thousandths of an inch, or 1.5mm). Most desktop-style 24″ printers can’t handle thicker materials, so printing roll-fed vinyl is a unique ability of the T3270. 

The SureColor T3270 offers a the basic CMYK inkset with glossy photo and matte black options. Other wide format Epsons (like the P6000, also popular for vinyl printing) have 8 or 10 ink color packages, but for printing decals and t-shirts, this seems like overkill.

Epson T3270 vs P6000 ink costs

Epson Surecolor T3270

T3270 Inks


# of Colors



T692 (default)

110 ml



up to $375


350 ml


$161 – $178

up to $890


700 ml


$265 – $294

up to $1,470

Epson Surecolor P6000

T6000 Inks


# of Colors



T834 (default)

110 ml


$89 – $94

up to $846


350 ml


$147 – $168

up to $1,512


700 ml


$247 – $294

up to $2,646

Price source: B&H Photo;

The T3270 is also very fast. It can print a 22″ x 34″ image in just 22 seconds and can max out at 660 square feet per hour. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for speed either. The T3270 is capable of printing up to 2880 x 1440 dpi.

The bottom line on the Epson T3270: if you are looking for a high quality pigment printer that will fill your needs for adhesive vinyl, HTV plus photo and banner projects, this machine will fill your needs for years. The basic CMYK inkset will help keep your production costs low without sacrificing quality. This printer retails for about $3,000 or less. 

(external link to

Best Separate Printer and Cutter combination for Home Crafters

When we talk about home craft cutting machines, we usually are talking about the Silhouette Cameo 4 and the Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2. Although these machines share many of the same capabilities, they have very different print-then-cut functions.

The Best Printer for Cricut

cricut maker

The Cricut Maker
craft cutting machine

the Epson Workforce
Pro WF-3720

Cricut machines may be able to cut paper and vinyl up to 12 inches wide, but they have a much smaller print-then-cut window.

The Maker and Explore Air 2 can cut a 9 x 6 inch area only. In visual terms, it means that the printed area must fit in a box on a regular letter-sized sheet of paper that leaves a 1-inch margin on all sides. 

In terms of selecting a printer, this narrows your search pretty quickly. Instead of debating on oversize or wide format printers, you can concentrate on regular desktop style printers that feature high quality ink that is water and fade resistant.

Our choice for a quality desktop printer to pair with a Cricut Machine is the Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720. It uses Epson’s Durabrite Ultra pigment ink, which provides vibrant, long lasting color. You can also use it wirelessly and connect via smartphone. It’s a great entry-level pigment ink printer that can be found for under $200.

The Workforce line has long been the choice for people seeking high quality color printing in an affordable machine. Not only does it produce great looking, quick-drying full color documents and images, it has loads of other features that will fill all of your household printing needs as well as your crafting printing projects.

Ink costs are very attractive for this printer. Replacement ink for the 4 CMYK cartridges can range from $12 – $16 per cartridge depending on your preferred seller, but Amazon has the most reasonable price I’ve seen lately (under $55 for all four color cartridges).

Read our comparison of Maker vs Explore Air 2 here: The Best Cricut Machine (2021)

(external link to

The Best Printer for Silhouette Cameo 4

Silhouette cameo 4

the Silhouette Cameo 4

the Epson Workforce
Pro WF-7310

Silhouette Cameo 4 machines are capable of much larger print and cut jobs than their Cricut counterparts. When you set up your project in Silhouette studio, you have the option to select your media size up to the full cutting width of the machine, and then you can customize the registration marks.

The default setting for Silhouette Studio’s registration mark placement is a 0.625 inches (16mm) from the edge of the media. You can customize this and push the registration marks out to 0.394 inches (10mm) from the edge of your media.

Our main criteria for selecting a printer to pair up with the Cameo 4 is finding a printer that prints in wide format and uses pigment based ink for improved longevity.

Our choice is the Epson Workforce Pro WF-7310, a real dynamo of a home office printer that can print up to 13 x 19 inches with Epson’s Durabrite Ultra ink. This printer will pair nicely with the 12″ Cameo 4 or 15″ Cameo Plus, is very affordable for the features with a MSRP of $200

How much does WorkForce Ink cost?

If you have a lot of print and cut projects, you’ll really like the reasonable ink costs for the Workforce 7310. Expect black ink cartridges to cost about $20 and colored ink cartridges to cost about $13 each. Besides the extra-large format printing and the high quality ink, the WF7310 has a rear paper feeder for specialty paper, wireless connectivity and is compatible with wireless devices. 

Read our detailed comparison of Silhouette Cameo 4 vs Cricut Maker here.

(external link to

Printable Permanent Vinyl for Inkjet Printers

oracal 1917 printable adhesive vinyl for inkjet printer

If you already have an inkjet printer at home, there are printable vinyl options you can use with standard ink and then cut them with your desktop vinyl cutter.

The most common and straightforward printable vinyl option is printable permanent vinyl. The maker of super popular Oracal651 permanent vinyl also offer a product called Orajet 1917, a white, matte printable permanent vinyl that’s great for stickers and decals.

All you need to do is load your printable vinyl into your home desktop printer and print the design from your vinyl cutter software. Then, you can load the finished sheet onto a cutting mat (or right into your cutter, depending on your machine) and your vinyl cutter will cut out the design. Apply with transfer tape to your project, and you’re done.

Orajet 1917 is not the only printable vinyl available. Both Cricut and Silhouette sell their own printable permanent vinyl for inkjet printers.

Top 5 Permanent Vinyl Options Available for Inkjet Printers:

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet Printers

Iron-on transfer sheets have been a craft store mainstay for years, and while most people usually eye it as an option for low-quality one-offs, the quality of printable heat transfer vinyl has greatly improved and there are quite a few good options available.

Case in point: Siser has just released a brand new printable HTV product for home inkjet printers. It’s called EasyColor DTV and it can be printed, cut and pressed with the equipment you have at home.

Unlike other inkjet compatible heat transfer material, EasyColor works with both light and dark fabrics and it has durability to withstand more than 20 laundry cycles. It can be applied with or without a mask, depending on the complexity of your design.

It does come in a pack of 50 sheets, so it’s a bit of a commitment upfront, but it’s high quality and will definitely be a game changer for home crafters!

How to use Heat Transfer Paper

Using printable heat transfer paper is relatively straightforward. First, there are different varieties depending on whether or not you are working with light or dark fabrics.

If you are working with heat transfer paper for light fabrics, the paper you are going to print on has a transparent coating that is going to be printed on and then transferred, so anything that is not printed will end up being the color of your garment. The image needs to be mirrored before you print and press it on your garment. 

If you are using transfer paper for dark fabrics, the paper is more like a decal. Any unprinted area will transfer as white space onto the fabric. There is no need to mirror your design, as it is applied  to the garment like a decal. You will want to load the printed design into your cutter to trim the excess before heat transfer.

Top 6 Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl for Inkjet Printers:

Siser EasyColor PSV inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl

Final Thoughts

Finding the right equipment for a small business can be stressful, and it seems like the research you put in can be endless. Bottom line, if you are looking for an integrated printer/cutter machine, the Roland BN20 is a solid choice. Roland makes great machines and their eco-solvent ink is the highest quality. You are going to be able to produce beautiful quality work that’s going to earn the praise of your customers. 

If you are looking for a two machine solution for faster output and higher volume (and  lower up-front investment), we can’t praise the Graphtec CE7000 series highly enough. It’s fast and accurate and made for high volume contour cutting. If you pair it with an Epson SureColor T3270, you’ve got an excellent one-two punch that will deliver stunning results for your clients and provide solid service for years.

Our advice for crafters looking for the right printer to pair with a Cricut or Silhouette machine is to be aware of the print and cut capabilities of your cutter, and then choose a printer that can match the cutting size. We also recommend you choose a printer that uses pigment based ink instead of dye for longer lasting and more durable results. 

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear about your setup and answer any questions you’ve got. 

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