Steal David Rose’s Look: 15 Free SVG files to replicate his Amazing Sweaters

I don’t think I’m out of line saying this year has been stressful and exhausting. I’ve been trying to cope in a myriad of ways and to that end,  I’ve started binge watching Schitt’s Creek hard in the past few weeks. I must say this lovely Canadian gem has melted my heart, in part due to the wonderful love story between David and Patrick.

David, played by the outstanding Daniel Levy, is funny, snarky and brilliantly stylish. I’ve been so jealous of his any-gender wardrobe that I was inspired to replicate some his most famous designs to create for myself. And wanting to make the year ahead brighter for everyone, I want to share with you as well.

All of these designs would look great on a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. 

Note: these files are for personal use only. Any commercial use without permission is not allowed.

15 Favorite David Rose Style SVGs

Each file includes SVG, PNG and JPG versions of the file. Click the "SVG" link under any design you want to download.

Season 2, episode 11 – David’s white “DON’T” sleep  tee.

david rose schitt's creek DON'T t-shirt

This is a very unpretentious design to make yourself, but ironically the sentiment is very evocative of David’s exaggerated and grandiose attitude. I used Archivo Black as the font and adjusted the kerning to +50. The key to replicating the font exactly is choosing the squared apostrophe style.

What you need to make this look:

Season 3, episode 2 – David’s geometric design on white sweater

david rose geometric tribal design sweater
geometric sweater design from Schitt's Creek

David wears this in the opening scene of season 2’s “The Throuple” when he shares a very awkward moment with his family. His boyfriend Jake has stopped by the motel unexpectedly, but not for David. When Stevie emerges to meet Jake, the situation is very cringey for everyone.

This bold geometric pattern is eye-catching and looks great in black on white, but would work in any number of color combinations.

What you need to make this look:

Season 3, ep. 3 ­– David’s Neil Barrett Statue of Liberty Sweater

David Rose Statue of Liberty Sweater
Neil Barret inspired statue of liberty design
Neil Barret inspired statue of liberty design

David’s look in the opening scenes of “New Car” features an iconic piece from Neil Barrett, the Statue of Liberty sweater. I didn’t want to directly copy this piece, but I was inspired to make an homage based on Leonidas Drosis’ Statue of Athena Promachos. 

This work has all of the hallmarks of the original by Barrett: an iconic female figure of strength, wisdom and power. I’ve made this artwork in two versions: original (with spear) and Barrett-style (with black lightning bolts). I think this graphic will work best as a print-then-cut project. Feel free to use for your own look!

What you need to make this look:

Season 3, ep. 10 – David Rose’s Swallow silhouette sweater

david rose swallows sweater
free swallow bird SVG file

I loved this sweater the first time I saw this episode -- no surprise it's David's Alexander McQueen Swallow sweater and it’s still one of my favorites. The design is very simple: the same silhouette of a swallow repeated in different sizes and positions across the sweater and sleeves.

What you need to make this look:

Season 3, episode 13 – David’s Graffiti heart sweater

David Rose graffiti heart sweater
David Rose graffiti heart sweater

This sweater should get more attention because it’s so bold and such a statement. David’s aesthetic of contrasting black and white plus several layers are perfectly characterized in this sweater. A graffiti heart: a clandestine, spontaneous emotional declaration on the meticulously manicured façade. Nothing could sum up David more perfectly.

The original graphic is screened and has the effect of a spray-painted edge – difficult to recreate with heat transfer vinyl, but the SVG file I’ve created has the same ragged quality to it, and if you want to give it some depth, layer this graphic with a lighter shade of grey offset underneath the white.

What you need to make this look:

Season 3, episode 13 – David’s Lightning Bolt sweater

David Rose lightning bolt sweater
lightning bolt SVG

This sweater is considered by many to be David’s quintessential look. It’s a huge, bold lightning bolt that dominates the garment – what better outfit to wear on a first date?

Making this look on a home vinyl cutter will be easy if you have a 12 x 24” cutting mat. But if you don’t, you can still make this look by cutting out each triangular half of the lightning bolt and then layering the vinyl. The SVG file includes the full lightning bolt as well as each half as  a separate shape.

What you need to make this look:

Season 4, ep. 10 – David’s white “WILD ALOOF REBEL” sweatshirt

David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel sweater
Schitt's Creek Wild Aloof Rebel sweater design

David wears this sweater in the opening scene of “Baby Sprinkle” when he reluctantly agrees to host Jocelyn’s baby shower on a day’s notice.  This design is deceptively tricky. Most people recreating this shirt would use their default serif font and call it a day. But the "W" in "WILD" is in the style of a double “V”, and the spur of the “R” has a slight flourish. I chose Bodoni 72 to recreate this look, and it works perfectly.

What you need to make this look:

Season 5, episode 1 – David’s painted stars on white sweatshirt

david rose painted stars sweater
spray-painted star graffiti svg

Recreating this look as an SVG took a little puzzling. Obviously, the original was made to look like hand-made stars spray-painted on fabric, and this piece was probably screened to get the spattering effect around the edges. How can you mimic that with heat transfer vinyl?

What I did was draw these stars and set a very thick stroke with rounded corners. To mimic the misted out edges of the stars, I laid a duplicate layer of the star graphic underneath, set it to 66% grey and made the stroke 25% larger than the top layer.

The final result is a great looking star that appears hand-painted with the haloing effect around the edges.

What you need to make this look:

Season 5, episode 4 – David’s Lightning bolt Sweater

David rose lightning bolt sweater
lightning bolt svg file

This is by far my favorite David Rose sweater. It’s another Neil Barrett piece, but if you’ve got the time and patience, you can replicate this design. The basic layout is easy: 13 lightning bolts on a semi-circular path around the neck band, followed by a second ring of 13 lightning bolts and then a third ring of 7.

Start with the smallest bolts around the neckline of your shirt, and then position the next ring so that the top of each bolt is centered between the points of the previous ring.

You can go for a true replication by carrying this design over to the back of the shirt.

What you need to make this look:

Season 5, episode 4 – David’s POSSESSED Hoodie

David Rose Possessed Hoodie
Possessed hoodie distressed font SVG

David wears this while nursing a hangover after his epic Karaoke night in “The Dress.” If you missed this outfit, you’re forgiven. The real star of the scene is Catherine O’Hara’s Moira showcasing her stunning red carpet dress for the dreamed of premiere of “The Crows Have Eyes 3”.

I searched high and low for this distressed font and finally found it on Dafont. To recreate the look on the original garment, I gave the font a 1.5 point outline to beef it up. When laying this out on the garment, press a white layer underneath the grey layer, offsetting the top layer by a few millimeters.

What you need to make this look:

Season 5, ep. 11 – “POWER OF LOVE” Givenchy Sweater

david rose givenchy I believe in the power of love sweater
I believe in the power of love SVG

David wears his Givenchy “I Believe in the Power of Love” sweater to Patrick’s surprise birthday party in season five’s “Meet the Parents.” What an appropriate message to be sending to the one you love in one of the series’ most emotional episodes.

This is not an exact copy of the Givenchy original; not only is the original very intricate and oversized for heat transfer vinyl, but we don’t want to copy and distribute other creative work. This graphic (like the Neil Barrett-style Statue of Athena) is inspired by the original, and will look great in black and white or any other color combination.

What you need to make this look:

Season 6, episode 10 – David’s ICON sweater

David Rose ICON sweater
David Rose ICON svg file

David wears this very cool sweatshirt in the opening scene of “Sunrise, Sunset.” He spends most of the episode alternately tantalizing and mortifying his father with the costly catering for the upcoming wedding. David’s sweater has classic varsity style lettering, but if you look closely, the corners on the “C” and “O” have been softened a bit.

I used a web font called HighSchool USA Sans that matched the original type nicely, and I softened the edges with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator after the type had been vectorized.

What you need to make this look:

Season 6, episode 11 – David’s LOVER hoodie

David Rose LOVER hoodie
Schitt's Creek LOVER hoodie SVG

David wears this very cute hoodie in “The Bachelor Party” before embarking on the escape room adventure with his family and Patrick. As per David’s style, it’s deceptively designed. At first glance, this is classic Cooper Black font, but if you look closer, the “O” in "Lover" has been rotated slightly from the default orientation.

The original hoodie is red sequins with an embroidered border, but red sparkle , holographic or metallic HTV would also look amazing. This would be a great design to do in different color and finish combinations: purple, pink, gold…it’s the small details that really will make it special.

You can also use the main font layer of design to replicate David’s pocket tee look in episode 0602’s “The Incident

What you need to make this look:

Season 6, episode 14 – David’s glitter snake sweater

david rose silver glitter snake sweater
free snake silhouette svg

This sweater is another deceptively simple design for crafters. This is a great idea to try using glitter mesh vinyl. The original has three snake designs on the front, back and sleeve. I’ve included two slightly different snake shapes for you to use and you can duplicate one if you feel adventurous enough to attempt to apply a snake to the sleeve.

What you need to make this look:

Season 6, ep. 14 – Heart-shaped “LOVE” in pride colors sweater

david rose heart-shaped love sweater
heart-shaped love sweater SVG

David’s penultimate outfit before his wedding to Patrick is a perfect expression of his (and ours) emotional state. Just pure love for everyone. This design features “LOVE” cut out of a heart-shaped rainbow, plus four stars on each sleeve.

This design is a bit more material heavy than David’s usual black and white looks, but forgive him, he’s getting his Happy Ending. The stars for the sleeves are optional. In the original piece they are dark red, pale blue, baby pink and green. If you’ve got the vinyl on hand to make it, go for it, but feel free to use the same vinyl you are cutting for the main heart to make the stars.

What you need to make this look:

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Big thanks to Lynne Fisher, who created the excellent It was an invaluable research tool while I researched all of these cool designs. Please visit her site and her Esty shop.

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