Heat Press Temperature/Time Chart for Siser HTV

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Updated: Nov. 2, 2023

We have created at-a-glance time and temperature charts for Siser heat transfer vinyl (HTV) used with either a conventional heat press or a Cricut EasyPress. There is a chart for each heat press type available for download.

Our single-page full-color printable charts include all current varieties of HTV produced by Siser North America. Our charts provide time, temperature, pressure, and carrier sheet peel instructions for each Siser HTV. We update these time/temp charts regularly as new materials are released, and as of this writing they have been downloaded over 4500 times!

Siser EasyWeed HTV temperature settings

There is no single setting that works for all HTV. Each vinyl manufacturer has different products that require different press times and temperatures.

Using a standard heat press, Siser HTV application temperatures range from 250oF to 320oF, and typically use medium pressure. 305oF is the most common press temp for EasyWeed and other standard Siser HTV types.

Our #1 piece of advice for pressing a new type of HTV is always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start.

Our Siser temperature charts are single page references that include:

  • Pressure
  • Carrier sheet peel temperature
  • Layerability
    • yes = can be top or bottom layer
    • no = top layer only

The list is in alphabetical order, except we put EasyWeed right at the top since it’s the most commonly used.

Pay close attention to carrier sheet peel temperature! If you peel HTV hot or warm when it should be peeled cold, you may pull up the vinyl or damage the finish: read our deep dive on Siser HTV peel temperatures to see how peeling too soon can ruin your results.

In our charts, “warm” is followed by a time, which is approximately how many seconds you should wait after pressing to remove the carrier sheet.

siser HTV time temp chart for heat press updated November 1, 2023

[Download this heat press temperature chart as a PDF]

Using Siser HTV with a Cricut EasyPress

You can easily apply Siser HTV with a Cricut EasyPress if you make a few adjustments. The reason we made a second time/temp chart is that Siser recommends adding 30oF to the normal press temperature when using an EasyPress.

For example: the temp/time for standard EasyWeed is 305°F for 10-15 seconds. When using an EasyPress, you should set the temperature for 335°F and press for the same amount of time. Our chart has made this easy for you, we have adjusted the temperatures for every HTV.

siser HTV time temp chart for Cricut EasyPress updated November 1,2023

[Download this heat press temperature chart as a PDF]

A few other considerations:

  • take care to make sure you apply even pressure with the EasyPress, centering your weight on the press without favoring one side
  • although our chart has Siser’s pressure recommendations listed, we personally recommend using firm pressure for all applications using an EasyPress, and extra firm pressure (on a hard surface) for applying Easy Puff
  • due to its requirement for extra firm pressure even with a conventional press, we do not recommend applying EasyWeed Stretch with an EasyPress. The good news is that Stretch is being replaced by EcoStretch, which requires less pressure to apply.

If you find that your HTV is lifting after washing, it is almost always because not enough pressure was used during application.

Siser Digital Media HTV Settings

Siser also makes printable HTV that they call “Digital Media”, specifically for wide-format commercial printers. We made a bonus third chart with application instructions for the full range of Siser printable HTV products, but please note, none of these products are compatible with home inkjet or laser printers. You must use solvent, eco-solvent or latex printers only. Conventional heat presses only!

*you may find it strange that so many of these HTVs get pressed at 311oF; that’s because their press temp is actually 155oC, and Siser products are developed in the EU where they use metric.

siser HTV time temp chart for printable digital media updated November 1,2023

[Download this heat press temperature chart as a PDF]

How to download these files

The PDF charts provided in this article are hosted on Google Drive. When you click the link of the file you want, you will see a summary of the zip file contents. Click the download button in the upper right-hand corner.

Click the Download link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to download this PDF
Click the Download link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to download this PDF

We developed these charts for our own quick reference, and we hope you find them useful!

If you want more handy HTV temperature charts, we have also created guides for:

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