[INFOGRAPHIC]: Heat Press Time and Temperature Chart for HTV

When pressing heat transfer vinyl with a heat press or a home iron, it’s very important to pay attention to the time and the temperature. But many beginners aren’t aware there are other variables to keep in mind to ensure a perfect result.

Every vinyl manufacturer will have different products that require different press times and temperatures. Even similar products from different companies will have different pressing settings. Our number one piece of advice for pressing vinyl is Always Read the Manufacturer's Instructions Before You Start!

We have compiled what we hope will be a handy reference chart for Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl. Siser HTV products are the most popular, high quality vinyl goods available for crafters and t-shirt makers, and are widely available at online and brick and mortar stores. 

We have also added a chart for basic HTV heat settings for pressing Silhouette's most popular heat transfer vinyl with common base materials.

This chart will help you track all of the important variables when pressing Siser HTV:

  • Siser product name
  • Base fabric compatibility
  • Press temperature
  • Press time
  • Pressure
  • Peel option
  • Layerability (yes/no)
  • Dryer Setting

Siser Printable HTV Settings

Silhouette HTV Settings

Silhouette sells iron-on vinyl for its line of cutting machines and the settings and instructions vary from Siser’s. Below is a summary of Silhouette’s recommendations for time and temperature for their HTV.

HTV Style




Smooth HTV



17-20 sec.


Flocked HTV



10-15 sec.


Printable HTV
(light fabric)

375° F / 190°C

20 sec.


Printable HTV

(dark fabric,

50-100% cotton)

350° F / 177°C

25 sec.


Printable HTV

(dark fabric,

0-50% cotton)

275° F / 135°C

25 sec.


Cricut Heat Press Temperature Chart

Cricut’s time and temperature settings for their heat transfer vinyl are different for each depending on the base material. Additionally, Cricut calibrates its recommended press time and temperature settings for the Cricut EasyPress. If you are using a heat press or a home iron, your time settings will vary.

Our recommendation is to use Cricut’s heat press guide to select the best time and temperature for you, or have a look at the very hand printout created by our friends at HeyLetsMakeStuff

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