3D illusion Easter Stickers with Cricut Create Sticker

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Is there anything cuter than bunnies, chicks, and other fuzzies all wrapped up in pretty pastels? Ian has once again created a set of 3D stickers, this time for Easter! You can use these to stick on cards, envelopes or treat boxes, or include them in an Easter basket.

photo of 3d easter stickers on a bright yellow background

You can download all our high-resolution PNG files for these designs from the Resource Library, and I am going to show you how to make them into stickers using the new Create Sticker feature in Design Space!

I’ll be making die cut Easy Peel stickers for easy gifting.

Video: 3D-Look Easter Stickers How-to

Materials and tools:

  • Cricut machine compatible with Print Then Cut (Joy Xtra, Explore, Maker, or Venture)
  • Inkjet printer – any inkjet printer will do, I’m using an Epson EcoTank
  • Sticker image filesdownload the free PNGs from the Resource Library. Please note, these files are for personal use only; they are not for commercial use or distribution.
  • Cutting mat – I’m using a blue Light Grip mat
  • Brayer or felted squeegee
  • squeegee/scraper
  • sticker paper or printable vinyl – I’m using white matte Cricut Printable vinyl, the older kind with the gray liner printing. White shows all the highlights in the 3D designs
Cricut printable vinyl (white) with cutting mat, brayer and squeegee used to make this sticker project
you don’t need many materials to make stickers!

A note about choosing Cricut printable vinyl/sticker paper:

  • the older type of Cricut printable vinyl and sticker paper has a thicker liner with gray printing on it
    • the thicker liner can cause printer jams, but it works great in my printer (just a basic Epson ET-2800) which has a rear feed tray
  • the newer Cricut printable vinyl/sticker paper has a thinner liner with green printing that works better for many printers
    • look for Joy Xtra in the compatible machines list on the new package
cricut printable vinyl old versus new product and how to tell the difference. New version of printable vinyl is compatible with Joy Xtra machine, old version does not have Joy Xtra mentioned on its packaging
Left: old style Cricut printable vinyl Right: new Cricut printable vinyl, packaging lists Joy Xtra

Calibrate your Cricut for Print Then Cut (if necessary)

If you haven’t calibrated your machine for Print Then Cut before, you will have to do it before you can proceed with your project. It is super easy! You’ll print and cut a test cut sheet, following the Design Space prompts.

If you need help, check out our step-by-step guide to Print Then Cut calibration.

Download the designs

Go to our Resource Library and scroll to the Easter section. There are 28 different PNGs bundled into 4 different zip files. You will see these images:

3D easter bunny sticker image, white bunny holding egg
3d easter bunny sticker image, white bunny holding flower on heart background
3D easter chick sticker, chick holding egg on heart background
3D easter duckie sticker, cute rubber ducky style duck with hair bow

Click the image or bundle name to download whatever designs you like, and unzip the folder to use the images:

  • Windows: go to your Downloads and right click on the zip file, select “Extract All”
  • Mac OS: double click on the zip file, it will automatically unzip the folder

Upload the designs to Design Space

If you haven’t uploaded images before, please read our detailed tutorial on uploading images to Design Space, paying particular attention to the section on uploading PNG files.

The images will have to be uploaded one at a time:

  • click Upload in the left sidebar of the Canvas
  • click the Upload Image button and either drag and drop the file from your Downloads folder, or click Browse to find the file
  • select image type “Complex” > Continue
screenshot of uploading a 3D sticker PNG to design space, choosing image complexity
  • click Apply & Continue on the Background Remover page (the images already have a transparent background)
screenshot of background remover page for uploading 3D easter sticker PNG to design space
  • Select Upload Type > Print Then Cut Image
  • click Upload

The PNG will now be in the Recent Uploads section, and you can click on it and select Add to Canvas.

Size the designs

The resolution of the files makes the images very large as you add them to the canvas. Just select and resize your images to whatever dimensions you want them to be.

Here are the sizes I chose for each type of sticker:

  • round stickers: 1.75″ wide
  • egg shaped stickers: 2″ tall
  • heart shaped: 2″ wide
  • rectangle bunnies: 2.25″ wide
  • square bunny/butterfly: 1.75″ tall
screenshot of 5 different 3D easter sticker designs showing different sizing instructions

Repeat the upload and resizing steps for every sticker you want to make!

Use the Create Sticker tool to make your Easy Peel stickers

There are 3 types of stickers you can make:

  • Kiss cut: cuts around each image but not through the backing sheet. This creates a full sheet of stickers
  • Die cut: cuts around each image including the backing sheet. This creates individual stickers you can give away
  • Easy Peel: kiss cuts the image, then die cuts the sticker around a border you can remove
photo of Easy Peel 3D easter chick sticker having border removed with tweezers
peeling away the border on an easy peel sticker

I will be making Easy Peel stickers, which are so much nicer than die cut stickers and have a lovely clean edge. Perfect for including in treat boxes and Easter baskets!

Choose your cut type and borders

I am going to select each image individually to apply my Create Sticker settings, and Design Space will arrange the stickers on sheets. If you like, you can apply different settings (kiss cut, die cut, borders) to each image and they can still be cut on the same mat.

If you want to create a whole page of stickers that will be cut out together, you can arrange your images and select the whole group before using the Create Sticker function. Create Sticker will apply your settings to all images, then treat them as if they are all attached when you go to make your project.

To apply Easy Peel settings using Create Sticker:

  • select your image and open the Create Sticker pulldown menu in the Edit bar
  • select Kiss Cut
screenshot of design space create sticker function, choosing kiss cut
  • click the toggle to choose “Die-Cut Edge
screenshot of second step in create sticker function, choosing die cut edge for easy peel stickers

That’s it! Design Space will add a ~4mm (0.16″) border (offset) that will be die cut, and your image will be kiss cut.

Optional: you can add a border (offset) to the image with the thickness and color of your choice regardless of whether you want to kiss cut or die cut.

If you don’t have Cricut Access and can’t use Create Sticker, you’ll have to add offsets to your stickers to create the easy peel border.

Know your cut settings

When doing Print Then Cut, once you print you’ll automatically be directed to start the cutting step. You should know your cut settings before you print your stickers because you will not have the opportunity to do test cuts. Finding the right cut setting is the only annoying hurdle I have ever had in sticker making.

Two things that make cutting stickers harder: die cutting and adding a laminate sheet overtop of the sticker sheet. These 2 things generally require either more cutting pressure or adding a multi-cut.

I recommend test cutting a sheet of your printable, including any overlay you’re going to use, because even using Cricut’s own materials I have to adjust the cut settings with both my Maker 3 and Explore Air 2.

Create Sticker cut settings

Create Sticker only allows you to choose from its list of compatible materials when you go to the Set Load and Go screen to choose your cut settings. Each of these materials has different cut settings for both Kiss Cut and Die Cut, and you should check these in the Custom Materials list.

In general, printable sticker paper and grey-printed liner settings use more pressure and multi-cuts than printable vinyl and green liner settings. If you are using non-Cricut material, you will have to find the closest match. You can adjust the cutting force but not the multi-cut settings when doing kiss cut and die cut.

compatible materials cut settings list for Create Sticker function in cricut design space

Cut settings for Maker 3 and Explore Air 2 using white matte Cricut Printable Vinyl (gray liner)

Maker 3:

  • Printable Vinyl, White (Gray Liner Printing)
    • Kiss cut pressure 125, 1X; Die cut pressure 275, 1X
    • pressure adjustment on Set Load and Go screen: Kiss cut Default, Die Cut Default
    • run through machine twice (after first pass, do not unload mat, just press the Go button again)

Explore Air 2:

  • Printable Sticker Paper, White (Gray Liner Printing)
    • Kiss cut 230, 1X; die cut 350, 2X multi-cut
    • pressure adjustment: Kiss cut Default, Die Cut More

Notice that I’m using the Sticker Paper setting for my Explore Air 2 instead of printable vinyl. You need a lot of pressure and a multi-cut for the die cut.

Print your sticker sheet

When I use Print Then Cut, I have better results printing using a USB connection (sometimes when printing wirelessly, not only does it stall but it can quit mid-print).

  • Click the Make button to go to the preview screen. The stickers will be arranged in sheets. Click Continue
  • Click Send to Printer and choose the number of copies you want
  • The Add Bleed option is pre-checked, I am going to turn this off
  • You can either click Print directly, or click Use System Dialog, which will open your printer’s dialog box

I used the system dialog option and set my media to matte photo and print quality to best.

screenshot of system printer dialog box, choosing print settings for printable vinyl

Your printer dialog box may open behind every other window, so if it looks like it’s not opening, check behind everything else on your screen.

photo of epson et2800 printing a sheet of 3D easter stickers on white matte printable vinyl

Cut your stickers

Finally! Load your sticker sheet (portrait orientation) at the top left corner of your mat and flatten it with a brayer or felted squeegee. Load it into your machine and choose your cut settings.

On the Set Load and Go screen, you will have a chance to independently adjust the pressure (Default, More, or Less) for Kiss Cut and Die Cut. I am using Default pressure for the Maker 3.

screenshot of the set load and go screen in design space, choosing cut settings for 3d stickers

My die cut results were better when I cut the project twice, so after the cut was finished I did NOT unload the mat, I just pressed the Go button again:

photo of setting the Maker 3 to cut a sticker sheet again, without unloading the mat

And that’s it! Once you know what cut settings to use for your machine and materials, Create Sticker makes sticker making super easy!

photo of all 28 3D easter stickers
closeup photo of die cut 3d easter stickers
closeup photo of die cut 3d easter bunny sticker
closeup photo of die cut 3d spring chicken sticker
closeup photo of die cut 3d cute rubber duckie sticker

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