Super Easy Easter Insert Cards – no kits or glue!

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Insert cards are the perfect solution when you want to send a nice little pick me up without spending a ton of time. Quick and easy, all you need to do is cut the design in one step and insert a piece of paper or cardstock behind it – no glue, no kits, no card mat, no nonsense!

Simple to cut and assemble, we have created 5 free bunny-crazy Easter and spring SVGs to make insert cards. You’ll spend more time picking out your cardstock than you will actually making these cute cards!

Materials and tools:

  • Cutting machine I’m using a Cricut Maker 3, but you can use a Silhouette or any other machine
  • Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel (or you can fold the card in half/score by hand)
  • Cut filedownload the SVGs from our Resource Library
  • Cutting mat – I’m using a blue Light Grip 12×12″ mat
  • Brayer
  • squeegee/scraper
  • cardstock for the card base – I’m using 80lb Cricut cardstock
  • paper or cardstock for the insert – I’m using 65lb Recollections cardstock and various holographic papers
  • optional: pen(s) for writing in the card, I’m using a Cricut Glitter Gel Pen in black
photo of the cardstock, cricut mat, brayer and squeegee used to make our no-glue insert cards
cardstock, mat, brayer and squeegee used to make our no-glue insert cards

Download the SVGs

Our 5 Easter/spring card designs can be downloaded from our Resource Library.

Each file contains the design SVG (and PNG, JPG and DXF version) and 2 alternate insert panels (square corner and round corner options).

Upload your file to Design Space & create your card

Open Design Space and start a new project. These cards are 4×6″ finished size.

Upload your image

  • Click the Upload icon in the lefthand sidebar
  • Click the Upload Image button and follow the prompts (Upload image > choose the file from your download folder > Upload)
screenshot of uploading Easter insert card image into cricut design space
second part screenshot of uploading process for easter insert card svg
  • Add your image to the canvas and ungroup the layers
    • the image file has 3 parts: the design SVG and 2 optional insert panel templates (one with square corners, one with rounded corners)
screenshot of easter insert card image added to cricut design space, showing image cut file and 2 alternate insert panels

Create your card base

  • Open the Shapes menu and add a square and a score line to the canvas
screenshot of adding a square and score line to the design space canvas to create an insert card base
  • Click on the square, click the padlock open in the Edit menu at the top of the canvas, and re-size the square to 8×6″
  • Click the score line and re-size it to 6″
  • Select both shapes, open the Align pulldown menu, and choose “Center”, then click Attach
screenshot of resizing and attaching the square and score line in design space in order to create a 4x6" card base

Attach your image to the card base

The Easter designs for these cards, including corner slots, are 3.5″ x 5.5″. This means that you will center the image on the front of the card, giving it a 1/4″ margin all the way around.

  • Position the image on the card base, 0.25″ from the top and 0.25″ from the score line.
screenshot of cricut design space showing positioning and attaching of the easter cut image to the card base to make an insert card

Here’s a tip for positioning your image the easy way, without clicking and dragging:

  1. Click on the card base and click “More” on the Edit bar at the top of the canvas. You will see boxes for X and Y coordinates; type in simple coordinates for your card base (I have positioned mine at X=6, Y=1)
    • Design Space will automatically move your object to the coordinates you enter. Your base will be at X=6, Y=1 and the score line in the center will be at X=10, Y=1
  2. Click on your image and open the XY coordinates menu. Position your design 0.25″ from the score line and 0.25″ down from the top. In my example, I set it to X=10.25, Y=1.25
design space screenshot showing the use of x and y coordinates in the edit bar to easily position the easter cut file image on the insert card base

Prepare your mat & cut

Use your brayer (or a felted squeegee) to tack down your paper to the mat.

photo of cardstock applied to cutting mat using brayer

Cut your design using the “Cardstock (for intricate cuts)” setting.

photo of cardstock on cutting mat loaded into Cricut Maker 3 machine with scoring tool and Fine Point Blade

Flip your mat over and remove the cardstock from the mat using your squeegee. If your mat is pretty sticky, most of the pieces you don’t want will stay stuck on there.

photo of how to remove cut cardstock from the mat, turning the mat over and using a squeegee

Cut your insert sheet

Inserts for these 4×6″ cards are 3.5″ x 5.5″.

Using your cutting machine: I’ve included square corner and rounded corner insert panel templates with the SVG files. Choose a panel design and send it to cut out of whatever paper you’re using. OR

Cut your insert panels manually: for most of these cards I just cut my insert sheets to 3.5″x5.5″ with a paper trimmer.

photo showing insert panel for Easter insert card being cut with a paper trimmer

Put in your insert, fold your card and you’re done!

Tuck the insert panel into the slots behind the cutout design.

Fold along the score line (or fold the card in half) and run your brayer or squeegee along the crease to flatten it.

eries of 3 photos showing card base and insert, insert paper tucked behind front cutout image, and finished insert card fold being flattened with a brayer
photo showing completed cream and lilac colored Easter insert card with Spring is in the Air svg design

How to write inside your card and cut your design in one step

If you want to write inside your card with your Cricut, you can do everything in one easy step just by mirroring your design.

  1. Select the image and open the Flip pulldown menu in the Edit bar. Choose Flip horizontal to mirror the image on the canvas
  2. Add your text to the canvas. The Easter SVG file in this example includes written text, but you can choose your own text and font if you like (check out our list of 117 free writing fonts for Cricut!). Position the text block over the right side of the card base and set the Operation to Draw > Pen
  3. Position the graphic in the center of the left side of the card base (0.25″ from the top, 0.25″ from the left edge)
  4. Select the graphic, text and card base and click the Attach icon at the bottom of the layers panel

Your Cricut will now score, draw, and cut to complete your card in one step!

screenshot of cricut design space showing how to mirror insert card image in order to cut and write inside card in a single step
photo showing completed yellow and purple colored Easter insert card with just hopped by to say hi svg design with the greeting written with a Cricut pen in a single line font

Here are all the finished cards!

I used a variety of cardstock, holographic, and sparkle paper for the insert panels, and you can see that the possibilities for paper choice with these cards is really endless. Still a lovely hand-made card, but each of these took me less than 15 minutes to make!

photo showing completed cream and lilac colored Easter insert card with Spring is in the Air svg design
Some Bunny loves you finished easter insert card, pink cardstock with holographic insert panel
photo showing completed teal and yellow Easter insert card with daisy easter egg svg design
photo showing completed white and holographic Easter insert card with Easter Greetings svg design
photo showing completed yellow and purple colored Easter insert card with just hopped by to say hi svg design
photo showing the inside of the just hopped by to say hi Easter insert card with the greeting written with a Cricut pen in a single line font

Before you go…

Thanks for reading! If you’ve made it this far and have made a few of our designs, you might be wondering about envelopes. We have tutorials you might like:

Best of luck with your Easter celebrations, here’s another project you might like:

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