Cricut Mini Press Heat Guide: Free Printable Charts + Project

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The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a great little tool in your crafting room. With its edge-to-edge heating element it is perfect for adding iron-on details to small or unusually-shaped items like shoes and hats. In this article we share a full Cricut Mini press heat guide and more:

  • a full printable guide for time and temperature settings for the Mini + Cricut Iron-On materials
  • a printable temperature range guide for using the Mini with non-Cricut HTV like Siser
  • cut files for the temperature range guide as a tag that you can keep with your Mini. 6 styles to choose from!

VIDEO: How to use the Cricut EasyPress Mini Heat Press Temperature Chart

How to use the Cricut Mini Press

There are a few key differences between the EasyPress Mini and a regular EasyPress:

The Cricut EasyPress Mini
The Cricut EasyPress Mini
  1. The EasyPress Mini has only 3 heat settings Low, Medium and High
    • The regular EasyPress can heat up to 400ºF in 5º increments
  2. The Mini has no timer setting
  3. The Mini does not communicate with the Cricut Heat Press app
    • EasyPress 3 (Zen blue) models can communicate with the Cricut heat guide app and get settings adjusted remotely
  4. The Mini requires firm pressure for almost all materials
  5. You must move the Mini continuously during the press. That means you should slide it back and forth over your iron-on material like a regular home iron.

Moving the press is recommended to prevent press marks.

Because you need to move the press, it is also recommended that you use heat resistant tape to secure your iron-on design’s carrier sheet to the base material. Be careful not to overlap the tape onto the HTV design itself, or you could prevent it from adhering properly. Instead, apply the tape to the carrier portion only.

Temperature settings for the EasyPress Mini

The Mini press has basic LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH settings. It’s important to know what HTV each setting can be used to press. Cricut has tested a wide range of iron-on products with the Mini, determining that the Mini settings correspond to the following:

  • LOW: can be used to press HTV with application temperatures from 255ºF to 295ºF
  • MEDIUM: can be used for HTV that applies at 300ºF to 355ºF
  • HIGH: can be used for HTV and infusible/sublimation ink that applies at 360ºF to 400ºF

Setting your temperature is easy because the Mini only has one button! Just press once for LOW, twice for MEDIUM, and three times for HIGH.

how to set your cricut easypress mini temperature
how to set your cricut easypress mini temperature

Printable Cricut EasyPress Mini Time & Temperature Chart

As promised, here’s the time and temperature chart for using the EasyPress Mini with Cricut Iron-On products. This chart shows the heat setting you should use (LOW/MED/HIGH) and the press time. Other information important to your projects: pressure (mostly firm) and whether or not you need to flip your material over and press from the back for 15 seconds.

These values were obtained and verified via the official Cricut heat guide. I like having a printed chart on hand instead of having to refer to my phone or a laptop.

Cricut EasyPress mini time and temp chart for Cricut iron on + garment fabrics
to download the full time/temp guide for Cricut iron-on + Cricut Mini Press, go to our Resource Library page

In order to make it super easy to use this chart, I’ve broken it into multiple pages based on the type of base material. Otherwise, the heat guide includes values for 19 different iron-on varieties and 21 different base materials. Cramming that onto a single sheet would be impossible. Here’s how each sheet is categorized:

  1. Garment fabrics (Cotton, canvas, cotton/poly, mesh, nylon, polyester)
  2. Craft fabrics (Burlap, faux leather, felt, muslin, neoprene)
  3. Specialty materials (cardstock, chip board, corkboard, wood)
  4. Cricut blanks (baby bodysuit, cosmetic bag, pillow case, tote, t-shirt, wine bag)
  5. Cricut infusible ink + Cricut blanks

Printable Cricut EasyPress Mini Temperature and Material Reference Guide

Cricut has provided a guide to which blanks/base materials are compatible with the different EasyPress Mini temperature ranges. I have made a printable chart combining this material compatibility information with suggested types/brands of HTV compatible with the Mini temperature settings.

Cricut Easypress mini temperature and materials reference guide
to douwnload the printable Cricut Easypress mini temperature range and materials reference guide go to our Resource Library page

Use the low setting for lightweight, delicate or synthetic fabrics that can be sensitive to too much heat. (Read our guide to pressing HTV on polyester and delicate fabrics for more information). The Medium setting can be used to for most fabrics like cotton and blends, and for most HTV (Cricut iron-on, Siser EasyWeed, etc). The High setting should be used for infusible ink and sublimation projects.

Can you use the EasyPress Mini with Siser EasyWeed?

Yes, you can use the Mini with Siser EasyWeed and other heat transfer vinyl (HTV)! Every type of HTV has its own application time and temperature – that’s why I created guides for all the types of HTV made by Siser, Specialty Materials (ThermoFlex), and Heat Transfer Warehouse (WALAKut). Click any of the guides below or go to our Resource Library to download.

How to use our HTV press guides with the Cricut Mini reference chart

To make sure you are getting the right time and temperature combination for the Cricut mini press and Siser EasyWeed, refer to our Siser time and temp chart for the EasyPress. That will tell you the specific press settings recommended for the HTV, then refer to the materials chart above to see where that falls on the LOW/MED/HIGH temperature scale.

For Siser EasyWeed:

  • application temperature 335oF using an EasyPress.
  • application time of 10-15s
  • Using an EasyPress Mini: MEDIUM has a range of 300oF – 355oF, so use MED for 10-15s (press button twice)

I strongly recommend doing a test press before using any HTV with the Cricut EasyPress mini. This is especially true for materials that have press temperatures close to the top or bottom of the a mini setting.

Project: EasyPress Mini Temperature Range tag

To make keeping track of the right temperature settings even easier, I made a tag that I can attach directly to my mini press. The tag shows the temperature range of each setting so I have a handy reference when using any non-Cricut iron on.

collection of temperature range tags for the Cricut EasyPress min

Plus, this was a super easy project to make with my Cricut machine.

The tags are all made from cardstock bases and some are wrap-around and others are gift tag-style that can be attached to the Mini using a small tie or elastic like a luggage tag. The temperature ranges are either written using Fine Point or Extra Fine Point Cricut markers or cut out of HTV (the PacMan tag).

The first 3 tags are made in Design Space to share with everyone. I’ve created a few different styles that you can feel free to use, remix or re-imagine any way you like.

Link: mini press heat tag project in Design Space

Free SVG tags you can download instead

If you don’t have a Cricut Access membership, I also made a few original graphics that you are free to download, reimagine and make for yourself. Included is a basic tag, a retro PacMan inspired tag that you can make with HTV, adhesive vinyl or cardstock, and a fun, 2-sided tag in the shape of the mini itself.

I cut the HTV for the PacMan tag using a Deep Point blade and Washi sheet setting because the font is small.

I demonstrate using the Mini to adhere Siser HTV to the PacMan and Cricut Cutie tags at the 5 minute mark in the video for this article. Otherwise, the tags are easy to make – just choose your pen, write/cut the pieces and assemble.

These tags are available for download on our Resource Library page.

Is there a difference between the blue and red EasyPress mini?

When you are shopping for the EasyPress mini, you’ll see a red version that matches the EasyPress 2 line of heat presses, and a blue version that matches the EasyPress 3. Even though there are significant differences between the larger EasyPress 2 and 3 machines, the Mini press is the same no matter what the color.

Both red and blue machines have the same temperature ranges, the same control button and the same instructions for use. Even though the other blue EasyPress machines are Bluetooth enabled to communicate with the Cricut Heat Press app on your smart phone, the blue Mini press does not have this function.

Can you use the Cricut Mini press with wood?

Yes! The EasyPress mini can be used to apply iron-on vinyl to wood. There is a full column devoted to using Cricut iron-on with wood in our Mini Time & Temperature chart. Generally, pressing on wood requires longer press times than other materials, but the temperature can be set to Medium.

If you are using Siser, Thermoflex or WALAKut HTV on wood, go with the recommended settings for the material first. According to this blog article published by Siser, you can press EasyWeed on painted wood with a 5 second application. Your application time may vary depending on whether the wood is painted, stained or unfinished.

My advice is to always start with the settings and time recommended by the HTV manufacturer and do a test press before you start your final project!

Do you need a pressing mat with the EasyPress mini?

This is how Cricut recommends using the mini press:

  • with a Cricut heat press mat
  • move the mini press continuously during the press
  • tape all sides of the iron-on to keep it stable when pressing

However, the mini press is also intended to be used with irregularly shaped base materials like shoes, hats, backpacks and more. So you can’t always use a pressing pad with the mini, but as long as you’re following the other guidelines, using firm pressure and the correct temperature, you should get the results you are expecting.

Remember: when in doubt, do a test press!

How large a design can you apply with the EasyPress mini?

According to Cricut, for applying HTV projects, the design should be no more than 4″ x 3.5″ or 1.7″ x 5.25″. For Infusible ink or sublimation designs, the area should be less than 2.75″ x 2.75″ or 1.625″ x 5″.

Make sure the heat platen moves at least 0.5″ over the edges of the design.

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