How to Add Fonts to Cricut

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Creating new projects in Cricut Design Space can be wonderful when everything is working well, but sometimes there’s a hiccup. Like you just can’t find the perfect font you’re looking for in the font menu and you have to look elsewhere. But there’s great news! You found the perfect font on a free site, but how do you add fonts to Cricut?

Here’s the good news. Uploading new fonts to Cricut Design Space is really easy, no matter if you are working on a Windows computer or a Mac.

Below, we’ve laid out the steps for Windows and Mac users and included a simple step-by-step video to guide you.

How to Upload Fonts to Cricut (Video)

How to Add Fonts to Cricut (for Windows users)

The first thing to do before you start the process of adding new fonts to Cricut Design Space is to quit Design Space. If you install new fonts to your computer, Design Space won’t see them until the next time it has a fresh startup.

Step 1: Download the font from you favorite font site

There are a ton of sites offering font downloads. There are free font sites where you can find a huge range of font styles for personal projects, and there are incredible premium fonts available for your commercial projects.

When you find the font you want to download, simply click the download button or link.

Depending on your personal settings, you may be asked to select a specific folder as the download location on your PC, but the downloaded file may also be automatically be saved to your “Download” file. In either case, you can quickly locate the new font zip file on your computer by finding the file name in the download bar at the bottom of your browser window.

There will be an arrow next to the file name, and when you click the arrow, a shortcut menu will open. Select “Show in folder” to see the file in your PC’s file browser.

Step 2: Extract or “Unzip” the contents of the download file

In the file browser, right-click on the zip file you just downloaded. In the shortcut menu, select “Extract all”. This will open the zip file and allow you to access the contents. Typically, a font zip file will contain one or more versions of the font (for example, a regular version, an italics version, a bold version) and the terms of service document.

Before your computer extracts the files from the zip, it will ask you where you want to save them on your hard drive. Select the location where you normally store your fonts, or a location where you can readily access the files, like your Desktop or My Documents folder. Once you have selected a location on your computer, click the Extract button.

Step 3: Install the new font on your Windows computer

The next step is to navigate to the location where you just saved the extracted files. For example, you might have just saved the files to your Desktop. Look on your Desktop for a folder (most likely) or a file with a name that matches to zip file. Look for a font file, usually the file extension will be .TTF (true type font) or .OTF (open type font).

Right click on the font file and click “Install” on the shortcut menu. This will add the font to your computer’s library of available files. Now this font will be usable by Cricut Design Space, but also other programs like Microsoft Word.

Note: most font designers will include some kind of text file with the font download that includes terms of service, licensing information and contact info. This is important information to keep around if you are considering using fonts for commercial purposes. This document will specify what is required for author attribution, what use is acceptable, etc. Don’t delete this documents without reading!

Step 4: Re-open Cricut Design Space and find your font

To access your new font in Cricut Design Space, open the software after you have completed the steps above. Either in a saved project or new project, click the Text icon in the left hand sidebar to create a new block of text. Whatever you type will appear in the default font, Cricut Sans.

To change the type to your brand new font, click the font selection menu in the top toolbar.

In the font selection menu, filter the results to fonts on your computer by selecting “System”. Then you can either type the name of the font you just installed in the search bar, or you can scroll through the list if you prefer. Click the selection in the list to change your text to your newly added font.

How to Add Fonts to Cricut (for Mac users)

Before you can add a new font to Design Space, you need to quit the app. Make sure Design Space is closed before you perform the steps. After you’ve installed a new font on your Mac, it will be available in Design Space at your next session.

Step 1: Download the font

Whether you are browsing a free font download site or purchasing a font from a premium site, the steps below are the same. Start by clicking the download link for the font on whatever website you happen to be on.

how to upload fonts to cricut on a mac step 1

Your Mac will prompt you to select a location on the hard drive where you want to save the file. Most times, the font will be available to download as a compressed zip file. This allows the font author to include multiple variations of a font (like bold, italics, heavy, condensed, etc) plus terms of service documentation in one file.

I chose to save the font zip file to my Desktop.

how to upload fonts to cricut on a mac step 2

To view the zip file after you’ve downloaded it, locate the download bar at the bottom of your browser window. You’ll see the name of the file you just downloaded and a small arrow next to it. Click the arrow and a shortcut menu will open. Click “Show in Finder” on the menu and your computer will open the file browser window.

Step 2: Unzip the download to access the font file

Right-click on the zip file you just downloaded, and hover your cursor over the “Open With” option. Select the utility you usually use to open zip files and click it on the list. (Choosing the default option will probably work best.)

Step 3: Install the font with Font Book

Once the file is unzipped you will see a regular folder. Inside the folder is your font file (and its variations) plus any terms of service documents. Right-click on the font file, hover your cursor over “Open With” and select Font Book from the shortcut menu.

Font Book will open a preview window of the font. If you are satisfied with the preview, click the “Install font” button to add the font to your computer.

After you’ve installed the font, the main Font Book window will open and you can get a larger preview of the font and test any text you want with the new typeface.

Step 4: reopen Design Space and select your new font

After the new font is installed on your Mac, you can restart Cricut Design Space. In a saved project or on a new canvas, click the Text icon on the left-hand menu and enter your text. It will appear in the default font, Cricut Sans. Click the font menu in the top toolbar to change the font to your newly uploaded typeface.

To select your font, click the System option in the top bar. This will show only the fonts installed on your Mac in the list of options. Then you can either use the search option or scroll through the list to find the font you’ve just finished installing. Select it from the list of options and you’re finished. You’ve just successfully added a font to Cricut Design Space.


What happens if you do these steps and you still can’t find the font in Design Space? Try these steps first to solve your problems.

1: Check the name of your font

Because Design Space lists fonts alphabetically, you might be looking for your font on the list in the wrong place. The font designer might have placed their company initials as a prefix on the font name and the font is just listed in the wrong spot.

2: Quit Design Space and restart

If you still can’t find your font, try quitting the Design Space app and restarting. This will usually fix any problems you have. (This has become my go-to move for fixing almost every hiccup with Design Space these days, LOL)

3: Uninstall and reinstall the font

If the font is still not showing up in Design Space, try uninstalling the font and then reinstalling it. Perhaps the zip file was corrupted during the download or something else is causing an error. In this case, it’s best to start over with a fresh download of the file from the original website you started with.

Here’s how to uninstall a font on a Windows PC (Windows 10):

  1. Open the Settings Menu
  2. Click on Personalization
  3. Select “Fonts”
  4. Select the problem font from the list of installed fonts on your computer
  5. Under “Metadata”, click the Uninstall button
  6. Confirm Uninstall

How to uninstall a font on a Mac:

  1. Open Font Book
  2. Locate your problem font from the list of installed fonts
  3. Right-click on the font name and select “Remove [font name] Family

Whether you are working on a PC or a Mac, it’s best to download your fonts from reputable sites. Steer clear of sites with names like and stick with big, popular font sites.

4: Restart your Computer

If you’ve tried all of this and the font still won’t show up, try restarting your computer. This might seem drastic, but it will usually yield the desired result.

After restarting and opening Design Space, if the font isn’t there, try repeating the download/installation process with a completely different font file. If a second font file uploads to Cricut successfully, the problem was with the original file. If a second, third or nth font file fails to show up in Cricut Design Space after following these steps, the problem is probably with Cricut. Make sure your version of Design Space is up to date.

5: Last Resort – Uninstall and Re-install Design Space

As a last resort, (ie. if you can’t add any new fonts to Cricut) try uninstalling and reinstalling the Design Space app. If you can’t add fonts to Design Space after all of this, you probably need to contact Cricut support to see if something is amiss.

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