[VIDEO] HTV Mystery Scrap Box: What’s the Real Value?

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Buying a bulk roll of HTV in a color/type you use lot is one thing, but what’s the best way to get a big variety of different vinyl? Are scrap boxes worth trying out?

Heat Transfer Warehouse regularly has different kinds of HTV scrap boxes for sale. They sent me one of these boxes and I made an unboxing video to show you what was included.

This is what I’ll show you in the video:

  • How many pieces of HTV and adhesive vinyl came in the scrap box
  • The estimated total value of the box contents
  • How much you might save by getting the scrap box

HTV scrap box unboxing video

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick rundown on the Heat Transfer Warehouse HTV Scrap Box:

  • Heat Transfer Warehouse guarantees at least 100 pieces of vinyl in the box
  • The vinyl in the box is a selection from the premium brands HTW carries: Siser, ThermoFlex, WALAKut and Oracal
  • At least 90% of the vinyl in the box is HTV (the rest is adhesive vinyl or other specialty products)

These scrap boxes are sold in a 2-pack for $75 and are only available in limited quantities when they’re in stock.

What is in the Heat Transfer Warehouse Scrap Box?

There were 121 pieces of vinyl in my scrap box, and most were unlabeled. I sorted the vinyl into types (based on thickness, type of carrier sheet, texture, etc.), and guessed the brands based on comparisons with vinyl and swatch books I had on hand.

I was totally impressed with the wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. (click to enlarge each photo below)

I got a lot of really useful pieces that are easily large enough to decorate a shirt or bag. Most pieces were at least 10 or 12 inches wide, and the smallest piece I got was still 6″ x 10″.

This is the breakdown of different vinyl in the box:

  • Siser Glitter HTV – 23 pieces
  • Siser EasyWeed – 21 pieces
  • Patterned HTV (mostly WALAKut) – 19 pieces
  • Flock, Brick and puff HTV (from Siser and Thermoflex)– 16 pieces
  • Siser Stretch HTV – 10 pieces
  • Other various HTV (probably Thermoflex) – 15 pieces
  • Adhesive vinyl (Oracal and Siser PSV removable and permanent) – 15 pieces
  • Masking for patterned HTV – 2 pieces

How much do you save with a HTV scrap box?

I measured each piece of vinyl to get the square footage, and looked up the Heat Transfer Warehouse price for each vinyl type.

Here’s the full summary for everything in the box:

  • Pieces of HTV = 106
  • Pieces of adhesive vinyl = 15
  • Square footage of HTV = 76.4 ft2
  • Square footage of adhesive vinyl = 15 ft2
  • Total square footage = 91.4 ft2
  • HTV total estimated retail value = $264.41
  • Adhesive vinyl total estimated retail value = $19.73
  • Total estimated retail value = $284.14
  • Total savings over retail price = 87%

Heat Transfer Warehouse’s prices are considerably lower than big box stores. How low? Most of the vinyl in the box costs between $3–$4 per square foot at Heat Transfer Warehouse, compared to $5–$7 per square foot at stores like Michaels and Joann.

Understanding the value of the scrap box

It’s hard to overstate the value of this scrap box.

I received one box, and they are normally sold 2 for $75.That means the retail price of my box would be $37.50. For comparison, Cricut Iron-On vinyl is $11.99 for a single 24 inch roll (12″ x 24″). A 36″ roll of Siser EasyWeed at Joann or Michaels costs $18.99.

So for the price of 3 rolls of Cricut HTV, or 2 rolls of Siser at a big box store, you can get this mystery box full of varied and valuable HTV pieces that are big enough for most projects.

comparison of cricut iron on and HTV scrap box price vs quantity

What are the benefits of getting an HTV scrap box?

Overall I see 3 unique benefits to getting the HTV scrap box from Heat Transfer Warehouse:

  • There were lots of specialty materials in my box that I had never tried before and that I can’t buy locally, like Siser Brick600. This means I can sample a bunch of new materials in small quantities without committing to ordering a whole roll before I know if I’ll even like it.
  • If you’re a beginner at craft cutting and garment decoration, the thought of getting a hundred pieces of unlabeled vinyl might sound intimidating, but it’s a low cost way to get an education in HTV of all different varieties.
  • If you have a crafter in your life that has one of everything and they’re hard to shop for, this is a fun gift idea. And getting a 2-pack means you can give one and keep one!

Cautions about the scrap box

Most of the vinyl in this box was unlabeled. That meant a bit of detective work to figure out what kind of HTV I had, and it will mean test cutting and test pressing before diving into projects. But making test cuts and test presses is a good habit when you’re working with HTV, so I don’t consider this a huge problem.

If you’ve been working with heat transfer materials like this for a while, and you have experience with major brands of HTV, you will probably be able to figure out what’s in the box by comparing with other pieces of vinyl you already have and with labeled items in the box.

How to buy a scrap box from Heat Transfer Warehouse

These scrap boxes come in and out of stock at Heat Transfer Warehouse, depending on what they have on hand. By the time you read this article, this particular scrap box may have temporarily sold out, but never fear! Heat Transfer Warehouse has more than one scrap box option available:

If you can’t find what you are searching for, click here to check out the latest scrap box opportunities.

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