Is Cricut software compatible with M1 Macs?

With Apple moving to its own proprietary processor – the M1 – after years of using Intel chips in its iMac and MacBook computers, Mac users are asking for clarification…Will legacy software and apps like Cricut Design Space work on the new M1 Macs?

Happily, the answer is yes.

With every new M1 Mac sold, Apple has included software called Rosetta 2, which will update the compatibility of apps originally programmed for old Intel Macs so they run on new M1 Macs.

When the question of Cricut Design Space compatibility with M1 was first asked on Reddit forum r/cricut many users were able to confirm that Design Space was indeed working normally on new Mac machines running the Big Sur OS. While some users reported that they were having connectivity issues between their Cricut machines and their computers, most reported that the problems had been eventually resolved.

So, if you are a current Cricut user looking to upgrade your computer to a new Mac (or iPad Pro), should you be taking any precautions? As long as you have your password to Design Space, your projects should be ready for you when you log in on a new Mac.

Similarly, if you are an M1 Mac user curious about getting a new Cricut machine, you shouldn’t have to worry about any compatibility issues between the original software written for the Intel processor and the new M1 chip.

Is Silhouette software compatible with M1 Macs?

Silhouette users can breathe the same sigh of relief when loading Silhouette Studio onto a new iMac or MacBook. Silhouette’s design software will run normally on new Macs with the M1 processor and the Big Sur OS 11.

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