50 Free Halloween Fonts for Cricut

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Good news for candy connoisseurs, Tim Burton fans, and goths everywhere: Halloween is coming! Whether you’re making a friendly jack-o-lantern shirt or you prefer horror decor, chances are you’ll need a fittingly haunted font. I’ve chosen a wide range of styles to bring you 50 of the best free Halloween fonts for Cricut or Silhouette crafting.

Most Halloween fonts look best at larger sizes, so the fonts I’ve picked are almost all cutting fonts for signs, shirts, costumes, and decor. But I’ve also included a few fonts I think are great to use for writing on party invitations or gift tags.

I have tested each one of these fonts and you can see the cutting and writing results below. I also included photos of some projects we’ve made with these fonts.

These fonts are all free for personal use, and 22 are entirely FREE for commercial use, meaning you can use them for items you sell.

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Halloween cutting fonts:

Halloween writing fonts

Free Halloween Cutting Fonts

photo array of cardstock showing vinyl cut out of many different halloween fonts

Free fonts can vary a lot in terms of how much of the character set you get. I only chose fonts that have a full alphabet. In addition:

  • most (but not all) fonts include numbers 0-9
  • most fonts are all capital letters, some have lowercase
  • some fonts have a different version that you can access using the lowercase letter set

To make sure that every drip and scratch would cut properly, I set every font to a minimum 1″ tall and cut them out of either Cricut removable vinyl (white, red, silver) or Siser EasyPSV (purple). I mounted them on cardstock for the photos below.

Every font in this list cut perfectly using a regular Fine Point blade and Cricut Premium Vinyl material setting.

Horror and bloody/dripping fonts

These are a mix of spiky, ragged, horror fonts and drippy/bloody fonts that are perfect for seriously scary projects. I was surprised how cleanly I was able to cut every little jagged edge and drip.

photo of horror fonts, 3rd set, vinyl on cardstock
photo of horror fonts, 4th set, vinyl on cardstock

Famous fonts

These fonts are homages to various movies/TV/etc., and although some are listed as free for commercial use, I’d stay away from anything but a personal project with these.

photo of famous halloween fonts, 2nd set, vinyl on cardstock

Classic fonts

Classic monster movie fonts that look good for all kinds of projects. Creepster and Ghoulish Fright are both free for any use.

We used Creepster for Ian’s Halloween Hall of Fame shirt:

layered htv halloween t-shirt challenge feature image

Cute, kid-friendly, whimsical Halloween fonts

These are my favorite fun, curly, off-kilter fonts, reminiscent of Tim Burton movies and Hocus Pocus.

We have used ActionIs (free for commercial use) twice for Halloween projects: once for a trick or treat bag we made, and also for the free Spooky Vibes Only SVG Ian designed this year:

photo of completed Spooky Vibes only WALAKut HTV on an orange shirt
wavy text Halloween t-shirt
spooky vibes only free svg
Spooky Vibes Only free svg
Trick or Treat bag
photo of cute halloween fonts, 2nd set, vinyl on cardstock

Ian used Horror Area for the other warped text t-shirt design he made:

completed black t-shirt with spooky vibes only design in siser sparkle and electric

Spooky Art Deco

These deco-inspired fonts, along with Strong Glasgow, are perfect for classy Halloween get-togethers.

Ian and I chose Hill House for a beautiful Art Deco-style ouija design this year:

image of finished art deco style ouija board

Pirate fonts

Ahar, matey! These fonts (plus La Sangrienta Caslon up top) are perfect old pirate fonts.

Dark carnival fonts

What’s creepier than clowns and Depression-era circuses? These fonts evoke circuses and calssic ouija boards, and Maverick BE is a great stencil font if you need one.

We made our classic ouija board table mat design using Rye:

image of finished classic style ouija board design pressed on cotton

Bonus: Evilz Dingbat font

Evilz font is the best source for fun and simple Halloween images you’re going to find, and they are all easy to cut single layers. Look at that adorable Grim Reaper! Evilz is free for commercial use.

Ian created this character map for you: to choose the image you want, type the corresponding letter, number, or symbol in the Evilz font.

image of Evilz dingbat font alphabet of characters, upper and lowercase
Evilz dingbat font character map, upper and lowercase letters
image of Evilz dingbat font character map, numbers and symbols
Evilz dingbat font character map, numbers and symbols

We used capital NN to add the upside down bats to our black Spooky Vibes Only shirt:

closeup of black spooky vibes shirt showing siser sparkle and electric shining in sunlight

Free Halloween Writing Fonts

Sometimes you need a Halloween writing font for cards, invitations, tags, place cards, etc. The selection for truly Halloween-esque thin writing fonts was nearly nonexistent, so I just chose one that I really liked. If The Eighteenth Amendment typeface one doesn’t meet your project needs, you can always check out my list of more than 100 free single-line writing fonts.

I also chose a few tall, narrow horror and classic fonts that can be filled using my very fast inset technique. I wrote all 4 fonts in Fine Point (0.4mm) pen, unfilled and filled in, to show you their potential:

scan of Halloween writing fonts, written on a Cricut machine with a Fine Point (0.4mm) pen, showing filled and unfilled font styles
Halloween writing fonts, shown unfilled (left) and filled in (right), number of negative offsets noted

Narrow fonts that look good filled

Ghastly Panic and Raven Song are typefaces made by Sinister fonts, 100% free for any use. These fill in really nicely with small insets: I used 3 tiny negative offsets (-0.01, -0.01, and -0.015) to fill these in the photo above. I also used the same insets for my sample party invitation below featuring Ghastly Panic (black glitter gel pen on red cardstock).

Horror Hotel is a classic spooky font that is also 100% free, and will fill in with 3 or 4 insets depending on how big you want it to be (4 insets used for the party invite below). I think all these fonts look great with minimal filling, it adds to the spooky Halloween effect.

Halloween party invitations using fonts Horror Hotel (black pen on grey cardstock) and Ghastly Panic (black glitter gel pen on red cardstock)

Thin font to write as a single line

The Eighteenth Amendment is a font that I thought had spooky art deco vibes (the 18th is the Prohibition Amendment, this font was designed to have a 1920s speakeasy style). It is thin enough to write in a single line at smaller sizes (e.g. 0.5″ line height) with a Fine Point (0.4mm) pen. The spaces between letters (kerning) is very narrow, so you may want to adjust letter spacing in Design Space.

I used this font for the inside of my party invitations:

photo of Halloween invitation interior, pen on white cardstock
photo of Halloween invitation interior, pen on red cardstock

The SVG for the invitation base without text can be downloaded for free in the Resource Library, and includes the coffin base and the panels for front and inside including the claw mark cuts. If you like the illustration, I used Cricut’s “spiderweb flourish” image, #M7BDC104, drawn simply in Fine Point black pen.

Have a fun and spooky Halloween! I hope you find the perfect font for your boo-tiful Cricut or Silhouette projects. Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments below.

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