Crafting for Dudes? 95 Bro-tastic Masculine Fonts

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Are you looking for a more neutral or ‘manly’ font for a men’s birthday card or Father’s Day project? Or maybe you’re making a T-shirt or gift where you just want a font that doesn’t scream “Live, Laugh, Love”? This article is all about the best free masculine fonts for your Cricut, Silhouette, or other cutting machine projects.

I have chosen both cutting and writing fonts in a variety of styles:

  • clean, bold sans serif and serif fonts
  • retro fonts
  • famous fonts inspired by TV/movies and video games

These free fonts are available for personal use, and some for commercial use, but if you want to use them for commercial purposes, check the license.

the author Ian wearing a T-shirt with a masculine western style font
guy who chose these fonts

Best masculine cutting fonts

I keep a folder of my favorite fonts that I think will look great on t-shirts for myself, my dad or FIL/BIL. My list includes retro fonts, logo fonts and gaming fonts. Making a t-shirt or other personalized item with vinyl is often about making the right pop culture reference. The right font can help you nail it.

Free Sans-Serif Fonts for vinyl

These are a selection of 100% free fonts that can be used for personal or commercial projects. This list covers a variety of styles, from thick to thin, modern to vintage and even futuristic. Theses fonts cover playful moods, serious projects, and even, dare I say, classy. These fonts would be great for slogans and text on men’s apparel and gifts.

Digitalt by GlukFonts (Fontspace)

Digitalt is a great upper-case block font for cutting vinyl letters for t-shirts, jerseys, signs and more. It is very popular (more than 300K downloads) and it has a full character set including Latin characters, punctuation and symbols. It is available with the SIL Open Font Licensewhich allows embedding, or ‘bundling’ of the font in commercially sold products.”

font preview card for sans serif cutting font Digitalt

Procrastinating Pixie by Sajid Ahmed Es (FontSpace)

Procrastinating Pixie is a very clean, futuristic looking font that will look great in HTV or adhesive vinyl. Since its introduction in 2020, this font has been downloaded over 100K times from FontSpace. On the downside, this font includes just 26 uppercase letters, no lower case, numbers or special characters. In better news, this font is 100% free, so you can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

font preview card for sans serif cutting font Procrastinating Pixie

Hagia Pro Extra Bold by Andika Fez

If you are looking for a font that is both elegant and impactful, try the 100% free version of Hagia Pro Extra Bold. This is a new font released in 2022, and it has a lot of creative details, but in this free version, you only get the basic upper and lower character set and numbers 0-9. If you want to invest in the full font family (16 styles, ranging from thin and extra light to extra bold with full character sets, you can purchase it for $28 at Creative Market.

font preview card for sans serif cutting font Hagia Pro

More free masculine sans-serif fonts for cutting:

Font preview card for masculine sans serif cutting fonts Comicy Forque Genero Gila Bold Pasti Regular and Warsaw gothic

Serif fonts with a masculine vibe

Zoika Bold by Victor Zanin (Fontspace)

Not only is Zoika a classy, cool font, it is a complete character set available in the public domain for personal and commercial use.

preview card for serif cutting font Zoika Bold

NorthWest Bold by Tirado Co (FontSpace)

If you’re looking for a font with a retro, outdoorsy vibe, NorthWest Bold is worth looking at. The free version of this uppercase font includes A-Z with variations in upper and lower case letters, but no numbers, symbols or special characters. This is a great font to evoke the Pacific Northwest, rustic signage, dudes with lumberjack plaid and bushy beards. If that’s your jam, check out NorthWest.

preview card for serif cutting font Northwest

Daniel Jacques by PJM Homebrew Fonts

Not only is Daniel Jaques a great reproduction of a famous brand font, it is available under SIL Open License. If you have a whisky-themed project for a dude in your life, this font provide a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and special characters.

Preview card for serif cutting font Daniel Jacques

More free masculine serif fonts for cutting:

preview card for serif cutting fonts Abraham Droid Serif Katamari Serif Mechanical Roboto Slab and Ultra

Free Retro Cutting fonts for Cricut/Silhouette

Black North by Letterhend Studio

Black North has a vintage look that is available for personal use only. It’s an uppercase font that includes several special characters and punctuation. Some really cool stuff is included in the basic commercial license, including a regular and stamp version, and bonus illustrations and premade vector logos, available for just $19.

preview card for retro cutting font Black North

Flames by OutsideInside Fonts

Flames is a good, all purpose “groovy” 1960s font. I’ve used it myself in HTV projects and I love the way it looks, cuts and weeds. This uppercase font includes A-Z, a full numerical set, and some basic punctuation (no exclamation point or question mark). It’s classified as freeware.

preview card for retro cutting font Flames
Check out how groovy Flames looks on this tote

Black Castle by Rick Mueller

Black Castle is a great medieval/pirate style retro font with lines that are clean enough to easily cut and weed with a Cricut machine. It is categorized as freeware. As an extra bonus, this font includes a full upper and lower case character set, numbers, symbols and special characters.

preview card for retro pirate font Black Castle

Here’s a photo of a shirt I made using Black Castle and Caslon Antique. It looks amazing in Siser silver Metal HTV:

More free retro cutting fonts:

preview card for retro cutting fonts Airstream, Arbuckle Fat, Font Diner Swanky, Kool Beans, Old Town Regular, Pau the 1st, Peralta, Rialto, and Startling
Click to see the full collection at

Free TV and Movie inspired cutting fonts

It should go without saying, these violate copyright and should be used for personal, non-commercial projects only unless you enjoy the prospect of Mickey’s lawyers sending you cease and desist letters.

Star Jedi by Boba Fonts (Fontspace)

Classic Star Wars font available in regular and outline version. This font has over 1 million downloads on FontSpace, and includes glyphs, special characters and numbers. There are some cool bonus features included, like vector logos and emblems for the Rebel Alliance, the Empire and the Madalorian clan skull.

preview card for cutting font Star Jedi

Simpson Font by Sharkshock (Fontspace)

preview card for the Simpsonfont

Some Time Later (SpongeBob font) by Fredrick Brennan (Fontspace)

preview card for cutting font Some Time Later

More free TV and movie inspired fonts for cutting:

messenger bag made with Mandalore font cut out of Siser Easyweed.
messenger bag made with Mandalore font cut out of Siser Easyweed
preview card for cutting fonts Corleone, Family Guy, Mandalore, Mr. Robot, Ringbearer Medium, and Y-Files
Click here to see the full collection at FontSpace
photo of 2 godfather movie-theme father's day cards with tuxedo envelope
Father’s Day cards made using Corleone font, vinyl on cardstock

Video game inspired cutting fonts

Morpheus by Kiwi Media (text) and TheWitcher font by Joanna Vu (icons)

Birthday card using cutting fonts Morpheus and thewitcher
Witcher themed Birthday card using Morpheus and thewitcher cut out of Cricut premium vinyls
preview card for cutting fonts Atari, Final Fantasy, Public Pixel, RO Blue Shell, RO Spritendo, and Sega

Classic masculine fonts you might already have on your computer

The system fonts that come pre-installed on your computer can be a treasure trove of fonts with full character sets. Shop around your own system fonts for some clean classics. If you own a mac, Helvetica is one of the iconic typefaces that come with your OS – don’t hesitate to use it!

Although there are differences between Mac and Windows system fonts, there are some really solid, masculine choices that will give you formal, strong or even retro and light-hearted vibes.

Windows 10/11 fonts

Mac OS fonts

photo of Father's Day card made using Helvetica Bold
Father’s Day card I made using Helvetica Bold type cut out of Cricut Premium vinyl
photo of Psych-themed hoodie decorated using cutting font American Typewriter Bold
Psych-themed hoodie I made using American Typewriter Bold, cut out of Siser EasyWeed

Best masculine writing fonts

Most of these fonts (serif, sans serif) were chosen because they are either single line or *very* thin when written with a Cricut Fine or Extra Fine Point pen. These fonts do not produce ‘bubble’ or outlined-looking letters when written at a reasonable size, as you would use on a card.

I also chose a handful of fonts that are not single line but look very cool when written or foiled (display fonts).

Most of these fonts have multiple line types (i.e. bold, demibold, regular, etc.), so I specified which version I used in each photo (i.e. “thin” or “light”). I wrote each font using either the Extra Fine or Fine Point Cricut pen, and I have indicated type size by including a half-inch height marker.

The majority of these fonts are personal use only, so check the notes included with the font files for commercial use requirements.

Sans Serif Writing Fonts

A ton of the writing fonts I chose were designed by Måns Grebäck, and he really has upped the ante for single line writing fonts for crafting machine users. Free writing fonts now include way more typefaces that will write as a single line with even an Extra Fine Point (0.3mm) pen – no need to use a thicker marker with any of these!

scan of masculine sans serif writing fonts written in 0.3mm pen
Sans serif writing fonts written with Cricut Extra Fine Point pen, most written 0.5″ tall, up to 7.25″ wide

*NOTE: anything written with CNC Vector in Design Space must be ungrouped, then attached before going to the Make It screen. Highlight the text, click the ungroup icon, then click Attach.

scan of masculine sans serif writing fonts written in 0.4mm pen
Sans serif writing fonts written with Cricut Fine Point pen, most written min. 0.5″ tall, up to 6.5″ wide

Serif Writing Fonts

This list includes a lot of Google fonts, which are great because they have full character sets. Like the sans serif fonts, you can be confident using these as neutral or masculine written fonts for cards, labels, tags, etc.

scan of masculine serif writing fonts written in 0.3mm or 0.4mm pen
Serif writing fonts written with Cricut Extra Fine or Fine Point pen, most written min. 0.5″ tall, up to 7.5″ wide

Display Writing Fonts

I chose these because they look super cool when written or foiled, and range from fun and retro to futuristic/sci-fi. These are written in Extra Fine Point pen, but you can see the first 4 fonts foiled in our Cricut Foil hacks article.

scan of masculine display writing fonts written in 0.3mm pen
Display writing fonts written with Cricut Fine Point pen, most written min. 0.5″ tall, up to 7.7″ wide

Final Thoughts

I hope this is enough to get you started in your projects. Whether you are making a shirt for yourself, or a gift for your dad, son or brother, choosing a “masculine” font doesn’t need to be something that screams toxic masculinity. Have a sense of humor about it, choose a font that will give your project a sense of authenticity and it will be cherished for years.

If I’ve left anything out, let me know in the comments!

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