Mother’s Day Insert Cards: 3 Free SVG files to celebrate Mom and Grandma

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This article includes instructions for downloading and preparing the cut files, which can be made using plain cardstock (no need for Cricut insert card packs or the card mat). If you need full instructions on how to make insert cards from cardstock, please see our article about making Easter insert cards.

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3 Mother’s Day insert card designs

Far from the Tree

photo of finished "far from the tree" mothers day card featuring black ink sentiment written on pale yellow cardstock with a bright pink insert card

Do you have a mom who will always love and support you, even if she doesn’t fully understand you? This card was inspired by the documentary (and book) Far from the Tree, which highlights the unconditional love of parents whose children are very different from themselves.

I am so lucky to have a mother who is an absolute ride-or-die for her kids no matter what; if you have a mom like that too, this card’s for you. If you are one of those exceptional moms, I salute you!

I used yellow cardstock with a hot pink insert, both 65lb. and writing font: Hepta Slab serif.

Love you Mom

photo of finished "love you mom" mothers day insert card, cut out of fuchsia cardstock with a holographic sparkle insert card

Self-explanatory, just a stencil of lilies, beautiful as your mother, with a sentiment to match. I used hot pink 65lb cardstock and holographic paper. Stencil font: Menthox.

Thanks a bunch

photo collage of the front and inside of the "thanks a bunch" insert card for grandma on mothers day. The card is cut out of lilac cardstock with a bright yellow insert card. The words "for being the world's best Nana" are written on the inside of the card with pen.

Ian could not help himself with this pun, so if your Nana has a sense of humor, this one’s for you.

Lavender and yellow 65 lb cardstock. Stencil font: Menthox, writing font: farmgarden.

Download the SVGs

Download the 3 SVGs from our Resource Library. Scroll to the Mother’s Day section of the Library and click on the design you want.

Each file contains the design on a card base plus the insert panel (the inserts all have rounded corners).

Uploading & preparing your file in Design Space

These SVGs combine a cardstock base layer with a cut design, a score line, and (for 2 designs) text that can be drawn with a Cricut pen. When you upload these to Design Space, all of the lines will be set to basic cut as default, so you will have to change the line types before making your card.

Open Design Space and start a new project.

Upload the SVG (see our full guide to uploading images if you have trouble with this step)

  • Click the Upload icon in the Design Panel (left hand sidebar)
  • Click the Upload Image button and follow the prompts (Upload image > choose the file from your download folder > Upload)

Notes for the Far from the Tree Card

Select the image and Ungroup (top of Layers panel at the right side of DS canvas)

Working from the top layer downwards: The first two layers are the text layers. This text is a thin writing font that has been converted to a vector.

(Because these blocks of texts have been vectorized, they cannot be edited or changed. If you want to put in your own text, simply delete these layers and add new text. If you need help selecting a good pen font for a Mother’s Day card, check out our guide to Cricut writing fonts.)

Select both text layers and change the operation to Draw > Pen. Select your pen type and color from the color menu next to the operation pulldown menu. Make the same change with the tree trunk layer.

I used the standard 0.4mm fine point black pen for both the text and the tree trunk.

Highlight the next layer (it is a single line) and change the operation from Basic cut to Score.

Select the 3 pen layers, the score layer and the yellow card base layer. Click the Attach icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. Using the Attach feature in Design Space will ensure the writing and scoring functions will be connected in the proper location on the cardstock before it’s cut.

The pink rectangle cut layer is the insert that will go into the slots on the front of the card.

Save your project then click the Make button.

This project will be made on 2 mats. Make sure to follow the prompts on the Set, Load and Go screen, and this project should be simple to draw, score, cut and assemble!

Notes on the Love you Mom card

This card has no written portion, so it is very simple:

  • Ungroup the layers
  • highlight the second layer (single line) and change the operation from Basic cut to Score
  • Attach the score line to the pink card base

No changes need to be made to the blue insert layer.

screenshot showing instructions for changing line type from cut to score and attaching the score line to the card base layer to make an insert mothers day card

Notes on the Thanks a bunch card

This card has writing on the inside, so in order to make it in one step, we mirrored the design and placed it on the left hand side of the card base.

  • Ungroup the layers
  • highlight the second layer (single line) and change the operation from Basic cut to Score
  • highlight the first layer (inside text) and change the operation to Draw > Pen
  • Attach the score line and pen lines to the lavender card base

The yellow insert layer doesn’t need to be changed.

screenshot showing instructions for changing line types and attaching layers to make an insert mothers day card

You can create these insert cards in less than 20 minutes out of only 2 pieces of cardstock.

We hope the moms, step-moms, grandmothers and other special people in your life enjoy these cards and appreciate the hand-made touch. Even if it’s easy, making it yourself makes it extra special!

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