20 Groovy fonts for Wavy Stacked text

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The popularity of wavy stacked text designs has given me an excuse to use the fattest, funkiest, grooviest fonts I can find to make delightful retro t-shirts, totes, and pillows. They’re a perfect match for puff vinyl, too!

This list of my favorite bold, chunky, far-out fonts is a companion to my wavy stacked text tutorial. They look cool on their own, but these fonts were chosen specifically because they look great warped! I’ve created a wavy stacked design for each font to show you their potential.

All of these fonts are free for personal use, and most are free for commercial use as well (check the documentation with each font file). Every font has a complete alphabet, but numbers and characters vary.

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All Super Font Collection

(by All Super Font)

This set of fonts was created by the same designer behind Single Line Studio, which is featured in our collection of free writing fonts. This designer clearly knows what crafters want, and has pivoted from creating single line writing fonts to a whole collection of thick retro fonts perfect for warped designs. You can check out their Etsy shop here.

Super Funky

Free for commercial use.

Groove is in the Heart wavy text design using Super Funky font

Super Funnel

Free for commercial use.

Coffee make me Happy stacked wavy text using Super Funnel font

Super Dream

Free for commercial use.

Peace Love & Pizza wavy stacked text design showing Super Dream font

Super Magic

Free for commercial use.

Stay Golden stacked wavy text + sun image, featuring Super Magic font

Super Power

Free for commercial use.

Walk on the Wild Side warped text using Super Power font

Super Rocky

Free for commercial use.

Peace Love & Lattes wavy stacked text in Super Rocky font

Super Spicy

Free for personal use only.

In my Fearless Era stacked text design using Super Spicy font

Super Summer

Free for personal use only.

In my summer vacay era warped text design featuring Super Summer font

Groovy retro fonts with various designers

Abstract Groovy (by Wahyu Eka Prasetya)

I love this font, it has little highlights that make it look shiny! This is very similar to the BFC Grape Jelly font in Design Space. Free for personal use only.

Summer Vibes Only wavy stacked text using Abstract Groovy font

Keep on Truckin’ (by Brad O. Nelson, Brain Eaters Font Co.)

I know you’ve seen this one before, the king of wavy stacked text designs. Free for personal use.

Classic Groovy Vibes 3 line wavy stacked text in Keep on Truckin' font

Belshaw (by Dieter Steffmann)

A little unusual, but I love the retro vibe. Free for commercial use.

Bring on the Sunshine wavy stacked text using Belshaw font

Coaster (by Dieter Steffmann)

Lovely basic thick font that waves really well. Free for commercial use.

In my Beachy Era warped text design using Coaster font

Excalibur Nouveau (by Typo-Graf)

A very cool Art Nouveau-inspired font that also looks great warped, free for commercial use.

Beach Hair don't Care wavy stacked text with Excalibur Nouveau font

Flames (by OutsideInside Fonts)

Art Nouveau-inspired psychedelia, it doesn’t get more Hendrix than this one. Free for commercial use.

Funky Groovy Vibes warped text using Flames font

LT Glockenspiel (by Daniel Lyons, LyonsType)

Another Art Nouveau-inspired font, the Os in this one look totally cool when warped. Free for commercial use.

Funky Groovy Chill wavy text design using LT Glockenspiel font

Mama (by Rick Mueller)

Very cool heavyweight psychedelic font that looks great waved. Free for commercial use.

Happiness Comes in Waves stacked text design using Mama font

Spicy Rice (by Brian Bonislawsky, Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute)

This font is included in Kerri’s article about cutting tiny letters with a Cricut – it’s thick enough to work at 0.25″ or less line height. But it also looks great as a big wavy Wonka-style typeface, and it’s free for commercial use.

Magical Mystery Tourist wavy stacked text using Spicy Rice font

Storybook (unknown creator)

Another very vintage style that looks lovely as wavy stacked text, this one is also free for commercial use.

Original Vintage Parts warped design using Storybook font

Oliver (by Christine Mauerkirchner and Rainer Grunert, PrimaFont)

Fun, curly font that looks amazing warped. Free for commercial use.

In my Sunshine Era wavy text design using Oliver font

Big Top (by Jeroen Klaver, Shamrock)

A little unusual, but I think this font looks super cool in warped designs. Free for commercial use.

Welcome to the Circus wavy text using Big Top font

Projects to make with Wavy Stacked text

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